Sunday, 15 December 2013

When It Feels Like Life Is Falling Apart...And It's Christmas

Hello beautiful readers

We have this 'societal norm' that all is calm, peaceful, happy and loving at Christmas. And it can be, in fact it is wonderful when that happens...and it takes a special kind of confidence to speak out... when it is not happening. 

For me it is not beautiful relationship of 5 months has come to a conclusion. As I deal with my emotions I got to thinking...there will be others out there dealing with their pain right now.

My reflections may help someone you know.   Here is the link...

I do hope you will pop over and take a peek...

I will continue to pop the link here a little longer as you get used to my new site. 

I am very appreciative of the 13,537 page views I have had...and I hope you have enjoyed the reading as much as I have enjoyed the writing. 

Goodness me...time has slipped by yet again... changes still afoot! And some I did not expect.

Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

 I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you… with one on one coaching
Would you like to know more?  

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