Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Stay Tuned For 2014... Confidence Can Be Laced With Confusion...and it is OK!

Hello beautiful readers and Happy New Year...I hope 2014 is fantastic for you.

One year on in blogging for me...a time for reflection! My intent in writing has been to share the many shades, yes perhaps even 50 shades of confidence. To share real life situations as it effects mature women, touched on sensuality and shared my moments of joy and happiness along with serious life changing events for 2013.  

In the last couple of weeks I have been very quiet, thinking, re-evaluating my life. At this stage I have not come to any conclusion except that I feel chaotic inside, I feel there is something just out of my reach and confusion abounds.

So it seemed natural to write about 'confusion'... yes it can weave in and out of your confidence...embrace it and let it flow!

I do hope you will pop over and take a peek... 

I am still continuing to pop the link here a little longer as you get used to my new site. 

I am very appreciative of the 14,127 page views I have had...and I hope you have enjoyed the reading as much as I have enjoyed the writing. 

Goodness me...time has slipped by yet again... changes still afoot! 

Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

 I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you… with one on one coaching

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