Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hello beautiful readers

How we mellow and the positives that come out of it has been rattling round in my mind for a while now so I thought I would share my thoughts. do I have it all under control...nooooooooooo however I am a work in progress. 

Have you noticed just when you think you have it right the Universe sends you a challenge or 3?

I do hope you will pop over and take a peek... 

I will continue to pop the link here as a choice for viewing.  

I am very appreciative of the 19,479 page views I have had on this site...and I hope you have enjoyed the reading as much as I have enjoyed the writing. 

Goodness me...time has slipped by yet again... changes still afoot! 

Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

 I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

Do you feel, look and speak with confidence? If skill lies in developing your style... your mind and body... so you can shine and be your best... in your business.
If that is not happening for you…let me help you… with one on one coaching

Would you like to know more? 

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