Thursday, 25 April 2013

How precious...a woman's body!

How often do we hear the cry... I am too fat or thin, short or tall, clever or dumb, blonde or brunette, my hair is too long or short, curly or straight.

Girls, embrace your really is the most amazing thing you will ever have. The human body is fabulous and unique machine,  it just keeps going year after matter how we treat we think! Especially when we are young!

I am coming to a time when I realise my energy levels are expendable! Now this is incomprehensible to me.  To describe me as hyper-active in my younger days would be an understatement.  My energy levels were un-expendable! I had energy to burn...and I burnt it from both ends! The sad thing is... half of it went into shifting the furniture every week...after 6 months of marriage my husband and step children were less than co-operative...difficult...refused to help me. Did that stop me...Noooooooo...I just had to empty everything before I moved it as it was to heavy...and that simply took longer!

Today I think 'WHAT' was I thinking! And...Who was I back then?

And yes... I spent years lamenting that I had big feet...I am 5.10, logic should tell me I would fall over if I had small feet! 

And that I was too tall and stood out in a crowd...what was I thinking...height is a super advantage!

My hair 'always looks the same' was another song I sang...never did I realise how lucky I was to have strong healthy hair that looks manicured no matter what I do to it.

To make it even blacker...I am really into it tonight... a couple of years back I had a balance problem...and I was booked as MC for a 3 day Convention that was going to involve a lot of stress. What was my main stressor? That I would not be able to wear heels, OK stilettos when presenting! A friend tactfully...untactfully told me I should be grateful I had feet to put in my shoes. 

Ummm that stopped me...momentarily! What happened you ask?... I wore flatties...a demeaning word in my language. And stepped into my heels when on stage. Why, why, why you may ask? I have been conditioned...Oh OK I conditioned believe that to be 'well dressed' and 'well presented' meant wearing heels.

Now I have also been through the 'bought a pair of earrings' and 'had to buy a dress to match' and the 'earrings and socks from high school still fit'...spare me please, I can hear you groaning!

OMG...what next...How many of us have beliefs that defy logic, that put us at risk, that show us we are not grateful for the magnificent body we have?  

Oh dear...I am not finished yet!  I have  even thought my weight was a problem... I really am tall and slim...yet I have spent years worrying that I will become a 'fat old lady'.

Ok now...Are you all laughing at me?...Or thinking 'Yep, I know where she is coming from!  Admit it... we  girls do have this unrealistic thought pattern, fully supported and exploited by the media, parents, teachers, siblings, partners and friends that we need to be young, slim, beautiful and not a wrinkle in sight.     

Everybody is beautiful, our aim is to be beautiful on the inside and the outside.  A healthy woman is gorgeous no matter what her age. And dancing with life is a matter of choice...a  rather good one I think!

Dancing with your feet is one thing...dancing with your heart is another! tha creates pure magic.

Take a moment to ponder and think about how you 'have' or 'have not' shown gratitude for the magnificent body you have?

I would love you to share your experiences!

Whatever your thoughts, embrace who you are, be grateful for your health and love your gorgeous body! I have decided mine is pretty good, OK fabulous!


  1. What a lovely reflective post. I have struggled with my perception of my body throughout my life. I was born with a hip displacement which was discovered too late for a normal procedure. This has meant several operations throughout my childhood and therefore several scars. I have always been ok with the scars but always worried how others would react. I covered myself up as a teenager even though I was a petite little thing. In later years the operations have led to arthritis and erosion in both hips, meaning at times limited movement. Although at times this upsets me, I mostly see it as a blessing. You see I really appreciate being able to walk. I can never take walking for granted because it is something I have to concentrate on. I am now so appreciative for this body that I have and that it works as well as it does. I appreciate that this body has provided me with 2 healthy children. This body has led to me contemplating what is really important. My limitations mean I have to think outside of the box for keeping fit and healthy. My only thought about my body now is to keep it healthy enough to carry me. That is all that really matters.

    1. Hello Kama,

      Thank you for your beautiful words. I think many of us struggle with self perception and at times see ourselves as less then.
      As I mentioned in reply to one of your recent posts forgiveness and gratitude have taken so to exquisite places...I would to say I was always in that state...however I have little slip ups!
      Being healthy and happy is the magic of life for me. Cheers Di

  2. I don't show my body the gratitude it so deserves but its a working progress :) ... My negative perception of my body has always been related to carrying excess weight. Emotional eating has been my biggest struggle, combined with an enjoyment of food only increases the weight gain. Making for a vicious cycle of bad choices and habits. But the more aware of myself I become the more I understand myself and then the better choices I make. I think the biggest test of a woman (or man's) self image and esteem is to stand completely naked infront of a mirror and confront yourself in total vulnerability. Listening to what we are thinking and being aware of what we are feeling gives us the insight we need to move forward and sit more comfortably in our skin. Again your audience is so much wider than mature women with this subject matter because how many little girls turn into teenage girls who are struggling with negative body images, who then turn into women with negative perceptions of themselves. How wonderful it would be if women learned to love themselves in earlier stages of development instead of coming to this place of acceptance in maturity...... Love your words Di x (Tracey Marie Fletcher)