Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wooohooo 50th post today!

Woohoo! Today I am a little, very excited, it is my 50th post.

 Now my creative brain says 'fantastic 50 fabulous things about rational brain says 'Get real, I haven't got all day!

Then I thought STOP over thinking...50 is a great milestone. And...there has never been a better time to be 50+. Just think back for a moment about the amazing changes that have taken place in the last 50 is mind boggling in every area of life.

Lifestyle, eating habits, society, relationships, health, personal development, exploring spirituality, and yes...even exploring sensuality, opportunities at every corner and none greater than the internet.

Which brings me to...I will have a new website up very soon...focusing on Confidence for Women 50+...WATCH THIS SPACE...

In the meantime a couple of thought stimulators...

How is your life going?
Are you wondering what else is there?
Is it time?.. Time for you to enhance your confidence, style and spirit…by making your 2nd half the best half of your life?

I don't know about you...I love new things and learning new things, it keeps me young at heart.. Ok, the body has a little trouble keeping up...however MIND and I have a special relationship...we simply start without BODY. Whatever gets you moving folks just let it works for me!

You have probably been 'doing it all' for everyone it is time for you! Stop hiding your confidence under  a bushel...let it shine girls!

And... where was I at 50? I thought I had it all mapped out. 

 Wow! Was I wrong... life has dealt me some hefty challenges over the last 15 years and today I am very comfortable with the woman I have grown into. I have been so fortunate to have had the friends and support networks to help me on my amazing journey.

Guess was all up to me! I was the one to reach out, grow, stumble, get up with scrapped knees.. reaching right through to the bone at times. Then pop up and continue this incredible journey called life.
Yet...I am loving the new, softer and gentler me. Now in maturity I see and feel a confident, calm, wise and elegant woman. I have come to like her very much…it has an effect on me and those around me, it is with utter surprise that I note how beautiful it looks and the fragile yet tenacious confidence that carries me as I flow with life’s tide. I have not seen anything so lovely about myself for the longest time…until now.

OOhhh your turn now...I would love you to share your thoughts on your 50+ or nearly there years...women are incredible at connecting and sharing stories...let loose tell me! 

Let's connect and create! And 50 is such a great place to start...

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