Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Eekkk I Think I Sprouted A USB Port?

Ok, Ok who else just looked? Go on I bet someone did? I bet someone looked down as if to see one magically appear! 

And then I bet you giggled! Knowing how outrageous it sounds...but we still do it then glance surreptitiously around to check that no one saw us! 

Am I winding you up? Well maybe just a teensy weensy bit...but you get my drift.


Who do you know who is permanently glued to their computer or other device? Of course I am not referring to you or I....but you might know the elusive 'someone' who is. Has the computer, internet, Facebook or other social sites become like a drug...if you don't get your fix you will hyperventilate until you reach your computer...aahhhh there, plugged in, you  relax and head off into computer land!
Have you let technology adversely affect you...has it stolen your creative juices or worse been a source of procrastination?

 Do I let the computer take over my life? Do I jump on Facebook and other social media sites 10 times a day? Am I lily white and innocent here? No...maybe...ohh Ok yes!  Sometimes! How did this happen!

 A brief history of days gone by....

The Story of Lady Di the demure...A Grim Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful Princess in a far away land called Nambour.

She was such a happy girl who played merrily with her toys...As she grew up she decided to devote her life to humanity, being a super nurse and dreamed of being a technology guru.

Unfortunately, no one had a vacancy for a nine year old nurse, so broken hearted she returned to her toys and castle life.

Eventually she was old enough to join that noble profession and years passed with the backbreaking toil that passed for nursing in days of yore, toting bedpans, taking temperatures and even sneaking a quick fag at morning tea time. Lady Di flew from one challenge to another her heart was gold and her intentions the purest.

In the year of the Lord 1970 it came to pass she was Sister Super Nurse. . Looking for greater challenges she met Prince Les who was indeed the King of Technology. Her guileless exquisite  nature had him plight his troth as she schemed to become Mrs Technology and have her wicked way into this strange, new and un-feminine field..

Alas her passion was quelled as it was deemed unsuitable for Lady Di to dabble in such dreary distractions.  She wept and wailed, swooned and fainted...all to no avail.

Many seasons later her Prince Les having departed for the heavenly fields she again felt the need for a outlet for her pent up emotions and that ancient order of Technology popped up and what she unleashed will now be chronicled for posterity.

Despite being shy and retiring Lady Di the demure forced herself to seek skills in technology. People started to listen to her and after  tasting power and control nothing could stop her.

When alas her dainty figure experienced excruciating examination showed she had developed this strange new phenomena ....she had sprouted a USB port.

Lady Di was in desperate need of the very best medical help to remove the embedded USB was considered a very serious surgical procedure... thankfully she had a full recovery she was graciously weaned off her computer and she is back on track, serving humanity.

 Silly woman do I hear you mutter?

I urge you to stop for a moment...and when that serious technology buff, you or someone you know... comes home must take judicious care and at the slightest hint of any physical disturbance do check for that insidious new affliction...the USBES - the 'USB Embedded Syndrome' has not  surreptitiously appeared blocking all conscious thought.  

Light hearted...yes     Unbelievable...yes     Likely...maybe...

What can you do? Remember to be a human, remember your loved ones, remember self care, polish your sense of humour and remember to turn off the computer ...It will still be there tomorrow! 

Even if you miss a day... the sun will come up tomorrow.  Enjoy today, enjoy your life.

Warm regards Di...and what are asking... does this woman do? 

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.
If that is not happening ...let me help you... with one on one coaching, small group activity or workshops...
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  1. It's so great to watch your blog evolve and see you relax into your natural gentle warmth and humour ~ Good onya ~

    I wish you at least one "laugh until you cry" moment each and every day :)


    1. Thank you beautiful lady. Cheers Di

  2. Wonderful Di - I do need to remember this sometimes ;) Leesa xx

  3. thanks for the reminder Di.