Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Confidence to Say... 'Blogging is About Starting A Conversation'

OK clever chops Di ...what are you starting now?   

Well Ok not exactly change ... adapt and review. 

Uummm and how did this start? A comment to a fabulous mentor of mine Krishna...about engaging readers and encouraging comments  on my blog. Many readers and friends say when I run into them socially and professionally 'love your blog', ;I get a giggle', 'you make me think', 'yes, that happened to me'.  'your posts really are awesome and entertaining'.



And when I say 'Why don't you tell me?  The response is often ...'I did not know what to say'... 'I did not want to look silly', 'I had nothing to add'

Then this morning - THE  CRUNCHER ... I left Krishna with nothing to say after she had read a post because I rounded it all up very nicely, cleanly and tidily.... yes just like a good Toastmaster, 35 years of rounding off in speeches what I wanted to say. 

I had never realised I was leaving little space for a readers thoughts to germinate, pop up and out and perhaps be posted. A space where their imagination and memories can rise and where they can feel comfortable in expressing their views.

This particular post was a light hearted chat about the 'size of' or 'lack of' breasts. Krishna words were 'When I was reading it, I was thinking of all kinds of size issues I had growing up, and wanted to leave a comment. Once the context altered about the size of the impact you make on the world, (a very valid point), I couldn't see a reason to leave a comment.'

My focus has been on leaving a message...and in that focus I cut off a readers response. Now if that is impeding readers from wanting to comment...then it is my choice to take a look at my style....

Krishna gave me some wise words Blogs are more about starting a conversation....

1st Note to are starting a conversation Di NOT writing a speech! 

 Uummm now this is going to be a challenge... leaving a 'message' is my will feel incomplete to me...however I am willing to be flexible and have a crack... and aim to keep my snappy little fingers away when I am tempted to 'fix it'....

 So today I am blogging about not getting a lot of engagement, adapting my style and STOP trying to fix it! 



2nd note to wonder I am challenged by Twitter...I am too verbose! and believe me one of Krishna's many talents is being succinct.  


3rd note to self Di ... time for a new perspective....perhaps I am was getting a little (OK a lot) hung up on little things....eekkkkkkkk did I say that?

Anyone notice I am a bit of a 'note' person????? 
No I didn't think you would!

How am I going?  Go on... tell me... you know you want to. 

And of course...I always love to hear from you! 

Warm regards Di...and what are asking... does this woman do?

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