Saturday, 11 May 2013

From my heart to your heart.... on Mothers Day

Motherhood places your heart is on the line...not just for the birth, not for childhood, the teen years young adult or when you are mature. Motherhood is for life. takes every grain of confidence you can muster along the way.

This particular heart is the symbol I used for my self published book, today it is a wonderful representation  of the heart of a Mum. The heart within a heart, pink for unconditional love and incomplete circle encompasses all yet leaves the space for growth and change. 

I started to use this phrase 'from my heart to your heart' as a speaker for the Heart Foundation. it embodied the heart facts, a connection with the audience and today is representing a symbol of motherhood.
Being  a mother takes patience, a sense of humour and lots of also takes confidence, resilience and even more tissues ...So what's with the tissues you ask? to mop up the tears of exquisite joy, maddening resistance and incredible sadness that encompass everything that happens to us as a Mum.
In case you had not noticed...motherhood and babies don't come with instructions and what's more...they are all different! How do we manage to survive and thrive through this incredible experience?

For many of us motherhood brings out the tigress in unleashes potential we never knew we had.

Does the look on dog's face express how you have felt at some time during motherhood???? Go are allowed to laugh...I know you want to!

At one stage when our teenagers were 'exerting their authority'  aka driving us crazy a girlfriend gave me a fridge magnet which reads 'old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.'  Those words helped me over many a rough moment.                               

Now I don't know about you... but I rather thought I was 'master of the universe' for a few years...OK a lot of years and it took some serious life challenges before I realised the changes I could choose to make. I went through the 'my Mum knows nothing' when I was a teenager, to gee 'not bad' when I was a young Mum, to 'wow  how wise' in latter years. 

Rumi expresses it beautifully here supporting the message with butterflies, a symbol of transformation.       


Today whether you are a mother, daughter, granddaughter, step daughter or any other variation of a Mum...I send love to mothers is a privilege to have been one and to have one.    
What is the best lesson you have learned as a Mum? I think we could have a great conversation around that question.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



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