Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hugs to howls and back...with confidence!

Today I am reminded of the saying 'this too shall pass'. When everything is going swimmingly and you are on top of the world...remember this too shall pass! Conversely when things NOT going well...remember 'this too shall pass!

 Yesterday I had a wonderful day... off to laughter yoga,  then onto a 'Heal Yourself Expo' to participate in the Hug patrol, lunch with other huggers and later dinner with all a great day!

The Hug patrol for those who are not aware is a group of hug addicts on the Sunshine Coast.  What are we about?  To borrow the text from our Facebook page - We've hugged our way around festivals, markets, nursing homes and special events since 1999. If you love giving and receiving hugs, come and take up arms with us.
Men and women of any age welcome - we've had toddlers to wobblers.
Also, if you know of or are running an event that could use some hugs, let us know

Touch, physical contact and hugs are lacking in many peoples lives today...what a great way to spend time, offering free hugs far and wide. The joy and laughter generated is such delightful.

If you would like to see then pop onto this video clip. It requires an element of confidence to wear the gear in public and approach the unknown for a hug.  Yet we are all aware of the rewards when we step out of our comfort zone...our reward yesterday seeing the joy as for some that is the only hug they may be receiving for the day.

And unlike the gym...there is no recovery time can simply hug, hug and hug! And we did!  Ahh technology and I are having communication issues wont allow me to ad the video however here is the link to see what we do.

So Di...I hear you saying 'where does the howl come in? '

Me howling with frustration...impatience...having a 'tanti'? Me? Well maybe...

Does anyone else have this fabulous skill of 'giving yourself  a hard time? Go on be honest I guess a glimmer of a smile is peeking through. 

Why am I  F.I.T. - frustrated, impatient and having a tanti today???

I am in the process of learning about Wordpress websites....'easy' they said, 'no problem' they said, 'you will be fine' they said! And in some area that's correct...others well...I am learning. growing, expanding, improving...but not fast enough.


Armed with instructions, starting early this morning so I was fresh, no distractions...I will have it nailed I thought. Well the Universe had other ideas... soo time to call on my sense of remind myself the sun will still come up tomorrow...

And to remember 'this too shall pass'...

We often think we will be thought 'less of' when we let our true selves be seen...I find when I am open about who and what I creates an opening for others to be open with me.

Are you confident about being you?
What can you offer your world through being your authentic self?
What has had you hugging and howling recently?

I would love you to share as I believe our confidence grows through shared experiences mixed with a healthy dose of love, light and laughter.

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