Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Have you ever sat in judgement...only to find...

Are you saying...'Me...never' as you ruffle your feathers self righteously?

Or are you squirming, smiling  and saying...'Yep... guilty as charged!'

Now that takes confidence to own up...speak prepared to change it...then laugh about it!

 Whether you are one end of the spectrum or the other... or anywhere in any time we have a choice to change our thoughts, words and actions.

Today I have three points for us to consider: 

  • The tip of the iceberg
  • Adding light and laughter in your life
  • Whatever happened gentle, forgiving and loving to yourself.

Remember what we see is the tip of the iceberg.... 

Have you ever jumped to conclusions about a person only to be proven wrong at a later time? I know I have. 
Here I cannot help thinking about the process of aging. Now we all know what treasures we are underneath our maturing exterior... yet is that what we show to the world or how society sees us? Many mature women tell me that they feel invisible. That our world is based on the 'young and beautiful'. Girls you can still be seen, be heard and be visible!

Have you let the tip become the mountain? - Maybe you are unsure of yourself, doubting, challenges are all around you, drowning you...and you have blurred and obscured what lays beneath.

Ask yourself what is one small thing I can do today to show my confident and gorgeous self? That may sound glib, however it is the little things that add up to the bigger ones. 


Remember to laugh and add some lightness to your life.

In times of challenge, one of the first things to disappear is our ability to have fun. A prime example for me was the loss of my husband. I went through the grief, loss,  how could I relax and enjoy myself is he was not here,  it is not respecting his loss if I enjoy myself, 'I am a widow, I could not possibly do that' and on and on and on it went....

If that is where you are at right now, take heart, life does get better. You can change, you can still have a great will just be different.

To add some lightness to your day...this link to a youtube clip is an entertaining excerpt delivered by marriage expert Mark Gungor  exploring the differences between men and women...yes it is 13mins. Do take the time to relax, laugh and enjoy!

Whatever happened gentle, forgiving and loving to yourself

And finally regardless of what happened today... remember to tell yourself how much you love yourself.  Many of us set such high standards for ourselves...and I don't know about you... my mind still thinks I am makes all these rash decisions about what I can do in one day...and the body says ...'Hold it...get real woman!' So I tell myself gently at the end of the day...'It's Ok Di, the sun will still come up tomorrow and I love you anyway'....


I, and I am sure my readers would love to hear your points... on your 'tip of the iceberg' experiences... please do leave a comment I love to know you have been here!

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