Monday, 4 March 2013

Every Girl Deserves To Be Heard


“In fully accepting your creative power, you honour and respect your soul and remind others to do the same.” ~Sonia Choquette

Are we being heard…or more importantly is what we say worthy of us? do you see yourself?

Confidence, creative drive, empowerment and advocacy clearly shine through the souls of many women. I fear we are seeing a decline in these attributes today. As mature women we have amazing strength and wisdom and as I speak out and share I hope it may encourage you to do the same. 

I urge you to embrace all your wonderful qualities and be a role model. Women can be fabulous at nurturing each other...join with me, mobilise all your senses, yes your confident sensual and powerful self to ensure girls and women are not only heard but are worth hearing.


We have lived our lives yet still have so much to give. We can be brave, confident, socially conscious advocates. Take a moment and reflect on your own life and journey. And further I urge you to be a positive influence on the young women in our family and our community. 

What a challenge… take a moment and think about how you can creatively make your difference…Go on I know you want to!  Hey…not yet…don’t leave I haven’t finished!!!!

Your respect and personal integrity shines and is reflected by how you live your life and the quote says it beautifully. “In fully accepting your creative power, you honour and respect your soul and remind others to do the same.” By Sonia Choquette

 The key is in respecting ourselves and reminding others to do the same. A few posts back I was speaking about love not porn, here is the link if you would like to pop back. 

I was talking about today’s dating world. When we as women set our boundaries and are clear on what we will and will not accept… we open the door to be respected in return. If not then we need to have the courage and confidence to walk away…
From my observation and reading…I am asking - has porn become the new sex education? Have younger men taken this on board and think it is the way to make love and have a relationship? Are women being conditioned to think this is what is expected? Are women thinking I have to do this to have a relationship? That this thinking is happening…and it horrifies me.

I had an interesting conversation with a young lady in her 30’s recently and we were discussing relationships. I was speaking about men in their 40’s contacting me and many of their conversations are crude and disrespectful. Having a sexual conquest seems to be aim number one! And…I sadly add I have also experienced that in mature men.
Now before someone gets all excited and upset with me… this is not an anti-men post. I have many wonderful men friends of all ages, and I have met many terrific guys on the dating sites. My concern is that they becoming the minority. 

After listening to me…she shared that in her experience men in their 30’s, her experience was similar to mine. However the interesting thing was she said that guys in their 20’s were feeling disempowered (her word) and disrespected because of the attitude and behaviour of young women.  

That alarms me even more…are young women lacking that honour and respect for themselves and projecting it outwardly…are they too caught up in ‘porn must be the way to do it!’ 


As mature women we have wisdom, a sense of openness and the ability to make a difference in the lives of the men and women of all ages who are in our lives. 

 Noooooooooooooo I don’t mean getting a drum and beating a war cry from here to eternity! I am suggesting that quietly, confidently and powerfully convey your love and thoughts, impart your wisdom in wondrous ways. 

Noooooooooooooo I don’t mean the nag technique… we know that did not work…we didn’t like it did we?

Noooooooooooooo and I don’t mean  the ‘it was blah, blah blah’ in my day…we know that did not work either …and we liked that even less.

There are so many people out there hurting, I am thinking bring back ‘active listening’, the world is full of talkers and we are bombarded from the media continually. Take the time to sit for a coffee and chat…listen and communicate. I find when you connect in this way and you are open, it creates an opening for others to be open with you…and they do!

Share stories ….not grim reaper types, experiences…and more the positive that came from an experience rather than the drama. Demonstrate how you respect yourself and them in a myriad of ways. And remember your actions will speak loudest!

I have spent considerable time thinking and reading about mature confident and sensual women. What is striking me is that many of them have been advocates of respect, what I am finding is they to have been and still are advocates for respect for women with each doing it her special way. More on those thoughts on another post!


What an advocate we can be…our souls will love us for it…so will those in whose lives we make a difference. Yes…every girl needs to be heard.

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