Friday, 1 March 2013

My license to skill…what a privilege!


Hello gorgeous women…To-day I am sharing a little of what I do beyond blogging!  I know you thought I just loved writing…and I do, I do, I do…yet there is more…indulge me if you will!

Yes…what a privilege… and how I love seeing the difference in a client. She has a spring back in her step and she is facing her world with joy. Often her sensual self slips out and I am thrilled knowing I was a part of her journey as I exercised my license to skill…as a Confidence Coach. 


Gwendolyn has given me permission to share part of her journey. I meet many women 50+ in similar circumstances, it is a common thread. She knows I write this blog, she reads it and it was through reading it that she discovered me!

It was an amazing co-incidence as so often happens in life that in connecting she became a client. Perhaps you too are curious, perhaps you might see parts of her reflected in you…or perhaps you have a friend who is going through a similar experience to Gwendolyn.

Tell me in a sentence Di, what do you do? As a coach I work with women 50+ or almost there to restore or develop a feminine, authentic and confident life…so they feel complete, vibrant and alive.  


Mature women are amazing to work with; they have had all sorts of exciting things happen to them. Interestingly they have had amazing successes; they have achieved in society, in their profession maybe owned a business, maybe been a sensational employee, raised a family and had successful relationships.

They have all had either glorious adventures or have fabulously failed somewhere.

However, one or several and usually the latter, life changing events can suddenly  leave her feeling disconnected as all those things that were once her successes, suddenly become her nemesis. She who has been amazing all her life can flounder and hesitate…at worst hide from finding her place in a new world usually but not always as a single woman. She finds herself in a new and unfamiliar role where she needs to integrate back into society.  This can be seriously scary for her. 

 How does it work? By implementing positive confidence coaching sessions packed with processes and strategies that will serve her long term. When this challenge goes away…guess what…another comes along, life is not static it is a living breathing journey.  As we grow…guess what… we just get a better class of challenge…that is that value of having a strategy as part of your plan. 

We do away with the confidence zappers…you know the sort I mean…10 minutes with them and you feel like slashing your wrists would be a great option…oops I got sidetracked. And all delivered with a healthy dose of humour and pleasurable activities. 


Gwendolyn presented on her first session with the ‘eekkkkkkkkkk what have I let myself in’ look. It can be really scary sharing your life and challenges, yet she says it’s time...time for me!  She settled and excitedly chose the ‘Coco Experience’ as her coaching package. 


In brief, a coach does not tell you what to do! It is a coach’s role to listen, create a plan with you then offer processes and exercises that support you through that journey.

To also hold you accountable for what you say you want. Not to make your decisions for you...yet to support  you, becoming playful at times, tough at times and gentle at times. To celebrate your successes and say ‘fantastic’ when a challenge arises, because it gives you the perfect opportunity to practice your new skills in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Back to Gwendolyn, her 36 year marriage had just ended and it was not an amicable split. She was left feeling hurt, angry, unappreciated, unloved and undesirable and facing the need to create extra income.

Her children are grown and independent, her identify was becoming blurred,  no longer needed as a wife, mother or a homemaker…her usual confident and happy self went underground. She felt overwhelmed was plagued by doubt, her self worth and self confidence took a nose dive and she doubted her ability to build a new life.

Into her 5th session she is consistently working on her strategies and plan, taking care of herself, her whole demeanour has changed and she is seeing positive changes happening around her. Gwendolyn is looking her new life directly in the eye. Has it been without challenge…noooooooooooooo, learning to step beyond them is allowing her confidence to rise.  

As she left today, she turned and smiled saying ‘what else is possible?

Gwendolyn has broken free of her limiting beliefs. She is enjoying and reflecting her confidence and inner strength and yes, I see peeps of her sensuality shining through. Her natural and gracious self is shining. 


For Di, I am a mature, modern thinking woman who has lived; loved, lost and regained…my gift is my ability to simply and graciously help mature women when they say… ‘Its time… its time for me…to guide them to restore their confidence, strength and vitality. I am in gratitude for my license to skill! 


Coco Chanel said ‘You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.’ 

If you or another gorgeous 50+ or nearly there woman who you know is feeling less than irresistible then maybe the ‘Coco Experience’ is an option. If you would like to enquire email 

If you and your friends are bursting with confidence in their sensual selves then that is awesome! I urge you to share your gift with others. Whatever being confident, sensual and full of life means to you...

Enjoy your day and rejoice in your amazing and exquisite journey as a mature woman…paint the ceiling beige…no way…let your confident and sensual self shine…you are truly amazing!

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