Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stickin’ Some Love on Your Page!

Is it me…or is the world spinning into overwhelm? Where does time go? Everything takes longer, there is always so much to do…I am feeling a tad stressed this morning.

Maybe it’s the rain…maybe I am over doing it (never…what a perfectly wicked thing to suggest) or did I forget to say  T.G.I.F…more on that later!

I am thinking having someone stick a little love on my page today was would be a blessing! Maybe you are in a similar position today, so it is my exquisite pleasure to bring some love light and laughter into your life this morning.  A little love on your page may help you to remember you are fabulous, modern thinking, possibly 50+or almost there and really bursting with life ...well of course you are!

The beautiful Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland is where I call home and we have been deluged with rain for weeks now… Yes I know it is cleansing (I am clean now), yes I know it makes the grass green (it’s green now) and yes I know it fills our water supplies (they are full and overflowing)... Please universe could we indulge in a little moderation now, even balance and show us some sunshine?…I would be eternally grateful say I as I stick a little lovin’ on the universe’s page.

Would you believe I have even considered investing in red wellies like piglet here! I ask you…just look at the look on his face…that sums up my feelings today ...they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yep, I think he says I perfectly! 

 And hey…what a bonus I would only need 2 wellies…how is that for original!  Seriously I have been checking my toes for webbing…no evidence yet…you can never be too careful my Mum used to say!

Apart from the rain I have a fair bit on my plate right now - like most of us. I am consciously remembering to be gentle with myself… to take time out …well I will this afternoon…that is part of the overwhelm trying to do a million things…Ok I exaggerated, but lots … so I can go and indulge myself this afternoon. 

A quick check in for you… What have you done in the last 24 hours to be perfectly gentle with you? Have you taken time out, indulged all your senses, enjoyed a joyful activity, something that makes your heart sing and makes you feel beautiful. If you haven’t…consider this a tap on the shoulder, delivered in the nicest possible way. Your mind, body and soul will be exquisitely and deliciously happy. 

Look at piglet with the ball…pure play and mischief…his look says it all once again. Come play with me his eyes are saying ….

Ohhh I nearly forgot T.G.I.F. – yes I did forget that this morning. What does it stand for - Thank God I’m Fabulous…and so are you.

So I am stickin’ a little love on your page and I wish you a sensational day whatever you are doing with much love, light and laughter from me!

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