Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Who Are You Playing with?

Ok, Ok, Ok I know a little cheeky…..and I bet it raised a smile… however ‘who you are playing with’ is a very relevant question in whatever context you wish to take it.

As children we start and learn about who to play with and who not to…and yes, theirs is playing in its simplest form. Just take a moment and reflect or observe children at play, they are totally focused, know what they want and go for it. If it does not work they move away and try again. They don’t hang onto the problem; once they walk away it is forgotten. Rule No 1 for Mum’s when children are squabbling ‘Don’t get involved’ While you, the adults are working it out, discussing it and maybe even getting upset – guess what? The children have moved on, are probably hugging each other and best friends again …and the Mum’s don’t speak for weeks.

If you are not playing well – maybe that is not your area to play and it is time to cut your losses and move on. I have tended to be precious and hang onto things because ‘I thought so’ however I have learned that my thinking so does not necessarily make it right. Ohhh, and... Wasn’t that painful to say when I discovered I was not Manager of the Universe… it actually managed much better without me! Anyone else been there? Go on ‘fess up!

In your life ‘what do you want to play?’ and ‘who will you play with’? It seems obvious doesn’t it…if you want the tap fixed call a plumber, if you break a leg call the doctor, however if you need a friend…then call a friend, and not the one who will agree with everything you say…one who will be honest with you then support as you move forward.

It has been my experience that when I am in a life situation it has been the people who have gone through similar that I have gained most from. That does not minimise professional help, it pays a role, I believe beyond that or instead of it is those who have been though it that are the most effective in helping. Just as it is better that we play in the right pond, remember that in the pond there are rules, written or unwritten and exclusion from play can happen if you step beyond the boundaries.

Simply my thoughts today…your life is your preview of life’s coming attractions…choose who you play with carefully!     

And…if you wish to be wickedly delicious…then go for it!

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