Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives

I hear so many women say I am just…a housewife, just a salesperson, I have not done anything out of the ordinary. Women are amazing, fabulous, unique creatures!

Do you as a woman recognise and acknowledge yourself?

Do you realise your worth? 

International Women’s day - My thoughts are roaming to women all over the world this morning.  Do we realise how lucky we are to live in Australia with all it has to offer? I am so grateful for the life I lead…are you? Have you expressed that gratitude recently? Maybe the today is the day……

A page from Women’s Interests  Western Australia sums it up International Women’s day succinctly” International Women’s Day is traditionally a day women of the world unite to celebrate achievements and protest injustices.  It is celebrated globally each year and provides an opportunity for the community to recognise the achievements of women and to highlight their economic, political and social contributions.  It is also a day to reflect on the work that is still to be done to achieve equality for women.  Since 1977, this annual event has been observed on 8 March. 

The origins of International Women’s Day stretch back to the early twentieth century and the activities of labour movements in North America and across Europe.  In 1911, more than one million women and men attended rallies for what is recognised as the first International Women’s Day. In addition to the right to vote and hold public office, they demanded women’s right to work and an end to discrimination.  

The first International Women’s Day rally in Australia took place in the Sydney Domain on 25 March 1928.  Women demonstrated to demand equal pay for equal work, an eight hour day for shop girls, no piece work, and a basic wage for the unemployed and annual holidays on full pay.
What sparked my interest this particular morning? Well…I recently came across a site called ‘Journeywoman’ The premier Travel Resource for Women. 

The post is titled A Tapestry of Images to celebrate International Women’s Day 2013. Isn’t a tapestry of images a fabulous title? I invite you to take a peek and I am sure you will enjoy it as I did.

It also got me thinking a few years back I was involved in a Trust Bank for women in villages in Bali. I have the article that was published somewhere…and guess what…it is NOT to be found this morning…the ‘article thief’ has struck again…

Under the umbrella of Opportunity international, who by the way have a wonderful coffee table about women titled ‘Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives’, another great title…oops now where was I… oohhh yes…the trust bank!

Yes, under Opportunity International a local charity Dinari was providing loans to women in villages in Bali. They have a 96% success rate on loan repayments. How good is that? The delight as I was privileged to see some results brought tears to me eyes…

Which brings me back to how lucky are we…to live in Australia!

Extraordinary Women Extraordinary Lives…do we realise our worth?

we can all make a difference…what is your choice? I would love to hear.

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