Thursday, 14 March 2013

Memories of a beautiful woman…. Kathy

Age is simply the number of years the world has enjoyed you….yet those years were not enough… Kathy honey…my heart is breaking tonight as I write and pour out feelings and emotions straight from my heart.

This morning my beautiful step daughter Kathy passed away suddenly in her mid 50’s, much too young to leave this earth. She had so much to offer, so much to give. With any sudden death there comes that feeling of it being incredulous…that can’t be true this is just a dream…you say, I will wake soon and it will be gone… you say! And…then you realise it is true, in fact it is reality!

I did not have the privilege of knowing Kathy when she was a toddler as in the image, I married her dad when she was 15 years of age in 1969. . Kathy and her three brothers lived with us, they were aged 10-16 and I was 24. What challenges we had, what triumphs we shared, love, light and laughter…tears, spirited discussions and mishaps just life I guess.  The challenges in a blended family can be monumental…as they are in a natural(is that the right word) family! 

 Just a thought... when I married in 1971 the term ‘blended family’ did not exist. I was the young wife,…the 2nd wife… the step mother…. The subject of much discussion in a small parochial sugar town in North Queensland, there I was all long hair,  long legs, and short skirts…well it was the fashion! It appeared I did not fit the society mould of a ‘step mother’.  

Ahh I digressed…What I did have was the privilege of seeing Kathy grow and mature into the most incredible woman. She was one of those beautiful people who see only the good, who was always supporting others and never did a days harm to anyone or anything.

Kathy married and had a wonderful life with my son in law and they have three children. How fabulous to see Bec, my granddaughter mature into a sensational modern woman…another beautiful soul yet so different to her Mum. 

 Today I also moved toward healing a rift in another arm of the family as I shared the news about Kathy…how often do we let things...silly things… stand in our way. Why is it that it can take a tragedy for us to realise the fragility of human life.

Yet Kathy would not want us to be sad, her beautiful soul will always be there, words I used to try and ease Bec’s raw pain this morning.

How thrilled I am that last week Kathy and I spoke on the phone for two hours, about life, family, the future and everything in between. That conversation now holds a special place in my heart.

There may be others reading this who are going through something similar, or experiencing pain in another way. Women have this amazing ability to connect, to share and support each other. How very fortunate I am to have that support network of friends...and guess what they are not all women…I have some awesome male friends to…and they were here today along with the girls!

From my heart to your heart, whatever you are going though today…know there is always someone, somewhere who cares. Hugs, blessings and love the life you are living…and remember to tell you loved ones …that you love them!  


  1. Beautifully written Di. Such a sad loss.

  2. Thanks Pat, Kath is in deed a loss...home tomorrow resting at Sonya's. Cheers Di