Saturday, 29 December 2012

Have you forgotten how to be a kid?

Can you imagine the thoughts flowing through this darlings mind as she sits in there going vroom, vroom, vroom!!!

It must be the kid in me, I started thinking, if that were me, wearied by life, my children convinced me to give up by license, well yes I had had a little prang or two, nothing to worry about, a dint in the garage door, the tree that moved closer to the driveway than ever before, and the stop sign…what stop sign! What is a lady to do…I can’t drive the family think I am starting to lose it. My little secret is I do something for fun each time I go shopping.

That’s when I saw it… the little red number; I always wanted a red car, just for me. This looks just the ticket. My conservative self I left looking after the groceries as I set off for a spin in my little red car and it only cost me $1.

Just because I stoop a little, have grey hair and I am a little slower does not mean I have forgotten the girl in me who yearns for fun. This is my time to let my hair down and go for the spin of my life, racing here, there, everywhere.

Oh dear it stopped…no point having a tanti, I am way past having a mum to come and put more money in. I have enjoyed myself immensely.

Now to get out of here…not as easy as getting in. I knew there was a reason I wore slacks today…yes I am a little stiff, my joints are not as mobile as they once were but at last I climbed out, smiling from ear to ear.

As I took control of my shopping trolley, my daughter came rushing up saying ‘Where have you been Mum? I smiled, patted her hand and said ‘Never mind dear, you wouldn’t understand.’

I know in life I became the super woman, my little heart beat faster when I could do more and more when suddenly I realised the fun had disappeared from my life while I was busy ‘doing’ as a wife, mother, worker and involved in my community.

Then life challenges took their toll and I not only was not having fun I had forgotten how. That road back for me had many turns and OK maybe I am not quite ready to hop in this little red number yet ( it did give me ideas though), having fun and pleasure every day is now part of my life. I am very grateful for my life and the family and friends who have stood by me, challenged me and yes even have fun with me.

Coming up to the New Year - A quick question - What would you do if you could be a kid again for 10mins?


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    1. Third time lucky to post here! Yes a good reminder Di as often I think I have more 'important' things to do than have fun...

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