Saturday, 22 December 2012

Reflecting on friendships

I am fabulously lucky to be connected with a sensational bunch of women who I met through Wildly Wealthy Women. Although that particular avenue is no longer operating a small group has continued a loose yet strong connection. Looking back now it changed my mindset, it certainly involved all the senses yet I did not recognise that angle of sensuality flowing through to me at the time. It took me in a different direction to what I expected, one of the amazing parts of life embracing the unexpected.  
At an impromptu informal dinner party we had fun, laughed, were serious, helpful, encouraging, challenging and awesome. We even ate dinner and yes, we indulged in a glass of wine! We talked about what was really going on in our lives now, our wins and our challenges. It was a night of love, light and laughter.
As we were leaving – someone said there is a cat lying in the middle of the road. The consummate cat lover amongst us went over for a look. We watched as she circled ‘it’ slowly saying nothing. Fearing the worst, we held our breath and expected her to say it was a ‘moggy gone to heaven’.
Nooo! She said it looks like that long slim part of a man’s anatomy (well not I those words) wrapped in cardboard with the tip showing. Six mature women armed with a torch bore down on the offending shape – in torch light it was shown to be nothing but a piece of wet cardboard in a shadow which had created an illusion.
When did you last take the time to reflect back to a time, remembering when through throwing yourself into something, the result was different, exciting and rewarding?  Were you able to see the fun and frivolity, embracing the challenges and honouring yourself in the process? To delight in the humour in every imaginable place…even a piece of wet cardboard on the road….connection and friendship are what make my life worthwhile, I am so grateful for the sensational women in my life. In the rush into Christmas take a moment to reflect and express gratitude for the wonders in your life and the friends and family who make it special to you. . Just as the wet cardboard gave a final touch of freshness, light and laughter to our evening, I wish love, light and laughter to you.
I would like to share a fabulous affirmation a friend gave me, thanks Nicky, ‘Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures will I have?’ Is it the ones we allow ourselves to have? I think I will throw in sensual and have grand, glorious and sensual experiences over Christmas – why, because it makes me happy I choose to and my friends touch my heart!

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