Friday, 28 December 2012

The Gift of Giving – A Ladies Delicate Handkerchief.

When I saw the smile on her face I knew my creative playing with antique handkerchiefs had given pure pleasure.

How did I come to be playing with antique vintage handkerchiefs? I had been reading ‘Scruples Two’ by Judith Krantz. One of her characters scoured antique shops seeking lingerie of old. She would then repair it, add touches of lace, write a story about who the previous owner may have been and her whimsical ways to give to her special friends. The delight of her friends and the fun they had reading their story transported them to a time past yet created desire, anticipation and sensual delight in the presentation of these garments of old. Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh if only our lingerie could talk…Now that may cause a blush or two!!!  

I don’t actually have access to antique lingerie except for a few pieces that belonged to my Grandmother and that could be another story. There must be something I kept thinking and I suddenly remembered I did have antique handkerchiefs and doilies and the collection did belong to my mother and grandmother. With delight and excitement I set to work creating my story, I wanted it to be engaging, to create anticipation and a sensual delight for my friends. I was not disappointed, the girls were delighted. 

Ladies antique handkerchiefs make wonderful collectibles; this has been my pleasure to give as a gift. Next comes well what do we do with them?  Ideas of how to display them…if the embroidery is an initial shared by the bride what a delight to be worn as something old on her wedding dress or incorporated into the bouquet, the folded handkerchief could be framed along with the story, even pop it into your evening bag for a special night out. Oh dear, noooooooooooooo not to mop up tears!

In sharing my story I hope you to will take a moment to savour and enjoy it.

A ladies delicate handkerchief… she would simply never be seen without one!

Such exquisite lace, delicate and white it was created in moments of peace and solitude with love, patience and joy.  The handkerchief – adorned the dressing tables of ladies, it was slipped into her evening bag, a protector of her dreams, desires and expectations. Yes sometimes it even mopped up her tears! Unknowingly young ladies of the past were creating a legacy that would span generations and connect families and friends. 

Her name was Maggie, such a simple name, born in 1882; she lived and dreamed her dreams in an uncomplicated life. Her hands flew lovingly through the thread weaving patterns of exquisite beauty with her crochet hook and an embroidery needle and thread, that’s how life was for young ladies back then. 

Duals may have been fought over her hand, I cannot say, her shy coy smile, her huge guileless eyes and innocent blushes I am sure had hearts fluttering with anticipation. In her dreams she slipped out and went dancing in delicate dresses, handsome young men swooning at the sight of her fair ankle. Maggie of the light, faithful and beautiful heart had her mama awaken her with a kiss on the eve of her country ball.

Maggie cared not for jewels and the rich – she sought true love and found it with the most charming man and she wove that exquisite piece of linen with love, starting with her delicate crocheting and ending by entwining his heart.

Time flew by and generations later through the incredible patterns woven by the Universe this delicate slip of linen and lace continues to flow on to create fun, joy and friendship. Take a moment, be still and notice the pre-ordained pattern with spaces for amazing adventures, fantastic highs and lows reflecting the wonderful delights that await us all begging the question “what grand and glorious adventures will I have today?’  

What did happen in 1882, the birth of my grandmother Maggie, her hankies enveloped her in the magic of life. May you allow this exquisite slip of treasured linen to absorb your love, dreams and desires?

Who am I? Dianna, a woman who loves family, friends and connecting. That universal circumstance that drew us together has created our circle of friendship. I feel honoured and blessed to be sharing a moment of my past.

From my heart to your heart, may your heart flutter with anticipation and all your dreams come true as you absorb the memories stored in this slip of linen and lace.  

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