Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why I chose ‘Beige…think I’ll paint the ceiling beige!’

Why I chose ‘Beige…think I’ll paint the ceiling beige!’

OMG girls…have you ever lay there during sex…note the word ‘during…denoting dreary’…and thought ‘beige….shall I paint the ceiling beige’? There were probably even 50 shades beige now I come to think of it!

Did that make you smile? That is what this is all about… to engage you, women of 55+ in the art of sensuality, Di style. Ok you are still welcome if you are younger…I won’t tell!  If you are lots younger and think this would be great for your Mum please encourage her.

I had my share of those beige thoughts…. and the more I talk to women about what is going on in their heads I realise that so many of us have lost our sensual side. Especially mature women! And many of them want it back!

Imagine you were feeling light, magical…even orgasmical!  Oohh Ok let’s start with sensual…the quirky and irreverent side of me is showing already!   
Remember when you were young the thought of your parents or worse grandparents having a sexual relationship was ‘Nooooooooooooooooo they don’t….guess what? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees they do! And guess what else? It can be fantastic!

I see and hear more and more women who feel disheartened by life’s challenges ranging from the miniscule to the monumental, and yep…I have had my share. At times we all feel burdened with life, suddenly you realise you are bone weary, that boredom has set in, seeps through every area of life and settles firmly in your bedroom! You become too busy, too tired, too cranky…or worse think you are to thin, to fat, to tall, to short, or worst of all…to old!!!! Its time to STOP! Time to re-engage on a lighter and joyful note! It’s all about you!

I have had the most sensational succulent fun as I have explored my sensuality. It has been a source of frequent humour amongst friends as I have regaled them with my journey and I thought it would be fabulous to write a quirky, fun, irreverent and non confrontational blog to engage mature women.

Would you like to join me as we explore, create and have fun with your sensuality? You may feel far from fabulous right now…don’t let age rob you of your right to pleasure.

Let’s start with a question –
When was the last time you felt like a truly sensuous woman?

If you can’t remember…you may enjoy this slip into sensuality and banish the 50 shades of beige forever and go for the whole colour range!

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