Friday, 21 December 2012

Sharing my two cewnts worth!

If sensuality is all about the senses… sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell…is it only me or has anyone else noticed how glum the expressions and posture of those wandering the shopping malls?

This week I was sitting having a coffee alone in the mall, watching people as they moved about. What struck me was how serious, scowling, slouched, sloppy and slow so many were. There appeared to me to be no air of festivity, it was all about drudge as feet were dragged, watches consulted, parcels and bags bulging. The attitude seemed to be one of resignation in an enclosed space, noise everywhere, tempers fraying. Christmas spirit seemed to be far, far away…

A couple of hours later, I was at the beach and was immediately struck by the difference. Out in the open, a slight breeze, the sun shining and adults and children were full of energy, even those baking in the sun seemed to have energy flowing from them. Gaiety was in the air, smiles, laughing, children and adults playing in and out of the water, some seriously building sand castles, others on every kind of board imaginable and others walking.    

Could it be that commercialism has gone overboard? That if we opted for the simple things in life, to play in nature in this case sea, sun and sand, relax and spend time together that the spirit of life, sensuality and even a sense of Christmas would have an opportunity to blossom?

Then there was the dog! Was he using a 6th sense – common sense? A small group of teenagers were playing cricket on the beach and they had a dog. He was having a wonderful time, everywhere the ball went he went. Then the batsman missed the ball…it flew straight past him off up the beach. The batsman turned and looked, the rest of the group stood and looked…the dog stood and looked. Time stood still.

Urging him to go fetch the ball, fell on deaf ears… he sat and waited, when one of the group ran to get the ball, he up and ran excitedly alongside happy to be playing. Clever dog!

My thoughts are there is a moral to the story, it is not about presents and gimme more, more, more. It’s about spending quality time together, playing and enjoying. How quickly when we get stressed and overwhelmed do we forget to have fun.  One dog on the beach, totally alert but not moving waiting for someone to play with demonstrated it beautifully.

Over the next few days will you find time to play with the loved ones in your life at whatever level of play is appropriate…and yes utilise all your senses, allow yourself that fun and freedom. Will you allow yourself to do that? Enjoy!

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