Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mango oh mango!

Oh mango, oh mango…how I love thee…
Let me count the ways…oohhhhhhh!
How do you like to eat your mango? Like this… little mouthfuls of bliss?
I’ve been waiting for mango season all year…yah!
The house is full of the scent of mango.

Imagine cut into slivers… dipped in wine and used on soo sooo many erotic parts of the body...where would you like it dipped for extreme sensation????? Starting with your lips on one end of the sliver and your lovers on the other, gazing deeply into each others eyes till your lips meet in the mingling and orgasmical combined scents of you both and your mango…..

Isn’t it amazing how a simple fruit can take us to sooo many places!

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