Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Confidence, Change, cahhhhfoot...and possibilities! - Julia Gillard

What confidence...or is it craziness to step into the arena of politics. It is a powerful and dangerous game and certainly not one for the faint hearted. ...I ask....who are the real pawns in this game....the politicians, the power brokers, the bureaucracy or the public?

Kama is also a powerful element....did Ms Gillard's catch up with her yesterday...was it a 'passing' or would that be a 'throwing of the knife'? Dirty did she survive so long being under constant attack form all sides.  Are we as regular Australians embarrassed to be part of our political system? Are we sick of gutter politics?

Yet despite the happenings of or dislike her I am appalled by the way some of the media have treated Julia Gillard. She certainly displayed great grace under fire. Her speech was delivered with incredible poise, composure and graciousness in defeat. 
I am posing some 5 questions this morning as I reflect....and I am not a particularly political animal.

1. Would you vote for a woman again for the top job? It seems strange to hear people say they would not vote for a female for Prime Minister again. We have had male leaders in the past who were shockers...yet we still vote for males. It seems they are forgiven or forgotten for their transgressions - females who step into leadership positions are put under the spotlight at every move and often undermined in the process.
2. What is it really about? Is it about the future and good of our country or is it about grandstanding? Who is running our country? What difference will this change of leadership bring about? What was rushed through Parliament last night while this 'event' was being played out?
3. Has she been a role model? Throwing away your political preferences... this is not just about the character, politics or performance but possibility...Julia Gillard has paved the way for women of the future and proven that women can reach that top spot. Now don't get too excited I am not saying we need a woman there just because she is a woman. The path has now been paved...what else is possible?
4. Are strong confident women admired for getting there and then vilified for that very strength - by both men and women? It was said John Howard had 'psychological toughness' I think Julia Gillard demonstrates has it in bucket loads! This woman copped a battering from every side at every opportunity.
Yesterday I delivered a presentation entitled 'Strut Your Stuff'....finding and expressing your voice to stand up and be who you are...small stuff compared to being PM I know...however I ask you...

What are you doing to live and express who you are in your life?

I love to know you have been here, I invite you to share your thoughts.

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