Monday, 17 June 2013

Confident, Orgasmic and much better can it get?

Don't you just love life, love meeting people and setting off on a journey to see where connections take you.

Over the past ten years as I have travelled my life alone the most amazing people have come into my life and shared things with me. I  have loved, laughed, learned, lost, grown and expanded.

 Friendships are ever changing, we move in an out of each others lives with an ebb and flow. I am very grateful for everyone who has come into or passed through my life as I navigate my incredible journey.

Confidence is also ever changing, it too can be a slippery little devil that is there one minute and gone the next. Each time we reach a new high it give us greater depth and offers yet another opportunity for growth. Women are so good at this...

I don't know about you...but I have had so many opportunities for growth I should be 10 foot tall...and to let you in on a secret... I used to be 5ffoot....I grew to 5.10 when I got confident.  Ok, OK not quite true...however being confident does make you feel taller.

Now I hear you saying "Get to the point Di...where does the orgasmic and edible bit fit in???? Not where you might think.....wicked girls!!!

It all comes back to friendship and confidence. A few months ago through the Queensland Bloggers Face book group I met this delightful, fun loving and talented lady Maureen.  And what does she do? She is the orgasmic Chef...for food that's better than sex!


Maureen as I said is multi talented and helping others is one of her amazing strengths. She took me under her wing as a budding blogger, we started talking websites...or she did...I got in involved in a program Get Up To Speed that is web and social media based and bingo!

Next thing Maureen is taking photos like  was a plate of her orgasmically delicious food, and I am learning the intricacies of taking control of my website. 

Yes, yes, yes...I know I haven't got to the orgasmically and edible part yet...I will though I will.

Recently I was at her home and Maureen was in the process of making this delicious, simple and wonderful dish for her blog post. And I got to see the preparation, presentation, the photo shoot and best of all the taste test...yes the orgasmical and edible part.  

Now while I like food, I am not in the 'fabulous chef' I would class myself as the 'average girl' in the kitchen. Rather a means to an end than enthusiastically searching for and following a recipe. However place a  scrumptious dish in front of me...then I do class myself as an enthusiastic eater of said fabulous food.

Just in case you would like to check out Maureen's blog and this recipe in is the link. goodness this recipe is one even I could follow.

Did you enjoy? Are you salivating in anticipation? Go try it ....I am sure you will love it. A delightful choice for a light and tasty lunch...yes I would call it  an orgasmic edible delight.

Confidence and passion have a synergistic relationship, add the spice... in this case the Orgasmic Chef...for food that is better than sex and you have a winner!

How I love to see the passion, enthusiasm, depth, joy and sharing that happens when a mature woman is in her flow. Thank you Maureen for being a special part of my life.

Confident, Orgasmic and much better can it get?

Uummm...I will leave you to answer that point. I will however leave you with a question Who do you know who is confident, lives their life with passion, gives freely of herself and enjoys every moment of it?


Take a moment now to call, email or message her and tell her what she means to you. Friendships are the essence of life...thanks Maureen!

I would love you to share a comment on a wonderful friend in your life!


  1. Bravo Di ~~~ I shall ring the one foremost in my mind right now :)
    ~~~ Antoinette ~~~

    1. Thanks Antoinette...and as you told me this morning you did indeed! I hope you are feeling better by Friday.

      Cheers Di

  2. What a lovely post, thanks so much! :)

    1. My pleasure Maureen, you really are one special lady....and I am soooo grateful that our paths have crossed! Cheers Di

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  4. Ok, yes, I deleted two comments anyone can see... and I am unable to restore them...however I feel compelled to reply...

    In our world we all wear a variety of masks, and we move them around, we all like to be seen at our best. And sometimes, in that process we push another's buttons! I have done so with this reader.

    At all times I honour the choices made by any reader, hence my decision to re-instate the messages, however as I said I am unable. That first inclination to delete was a knee jerk reaction from my old way of reacting. My life experiences have taken me on many rough roads, I am facing this 'hump' with confidence in who and what I am.

    Yes, I acknowledge my first response was to delete a negative comment, the first in 7,000 page views. As open as I am, it isn't always easy to be who you are in public warts and all. No one is 100% confidently perfect all the time, it brought up my vulnerability and yes, even rocked me initially.

    Honesty and integrity are important in social media, and as that is where I have chosen to play... then I choose to respond. Confidence is demonstrated in being able to express yourself I stand and speak for who I am unashamedly.

    It saddens me that a person who says they know me would feel the need to hide behind anonymity...why not come and speak to me?

    Again I honour your choices in your writing and thank you for your point of view.

    Warm regards Di