Sunday, 30 June 2013

A Leap Of Faith...Confidence With Style?

You know how it is...occasionally something comes along that sounds fabulous, looks fabulous and feels fabulous. You look, you think and you say's for me! And next thing you are in there!

Being open to possibilities...possibilities with a sunlight beaming across the water.  It begs the question 'What else is possible'?

So...I was presented with the opportunity to be part of a 'Build Your Authentic Audience for Abundance' 5 day workshop. Now I know it does not say it...but the basis was marketing. The facilitator was the amazing Helen Barber from 2B Creative.

It turned out to be so much more than that, it covered and uncovered layer after layer of who and what we are, the how, what, when, where and why's of what we do. Perhaps creative marketing describes it well.

Twelve women fronted up...all raring to go. We shared laughter, tears, breakthroughs and communicated in ways that only a bunch of like minded women can do. There were ahha moments, good moments and glorious moments. Our amazing strengths and fabulous failures supported us and Helen gently kept a reign on our progress. We came from different walks of life, we had similar yet different skill sets...and we were there to support each other.  
 Yesterday I listened to John Cleese speak about creativity - he talked about it not being a talent... rather a way of operating and defined creativity as the ability to play - to play with ideas and let an outcome evolve. And he talked about a closed and open mode of operating.

When in a closed mode which we often see in a work environment - there is lots to do, it is a race and deadlines to meet. In that process  you are apt to become slightly anxious - OK a lot anxious... impatient, stressed and there is little room for humour. No wonder you are not being creative.

On the other hand an open mode is where you are relaxed, expansive, you become less purposeful, you allow your curiousity to come out to play...and it does! And it opens the door to lightness and a touch of humour just happens.

It struck me that Helen had provided that open mode for us to explore, to be playful, to allow our curiousity to come and play...and it did!  

I am grateful and consider myself fortunate to meet these amazing women with a multitude of skills...we all took a leap of faith in attending...we all left so much richer for the experience.

Part of the deal was a presentation on the final day about what we do and how we do it. Wow!

The girls here listening intently to a presentation from Jane a talented and amazing artist, her sculptures are to die for. The colourful beanies from Antoinette around the table were from an earlier talk.

Of course no wind up would be complete without a presentation of certificates. Leesa's smile says it all! Thank you amazing Helen, thank you girls and some great strategic alliances are planned as a result.

All because we took a leap of faith, confidently...Ok we needed a little encouragement...and were open to the question...what else is possible?


  1. Thanks I need to ask that question more often and allow my inner wisdom to answer.

    1. thanks Suzie, i think that would touch a nerve for may of us. Cheers Di