Friday, 5 July 2013

Does size matter? You betcha she says confidently!

On a lighter note tonight...I am feeling frivolous...and a blog post just caught my eye! And it got me thinking how carried away we can get at different stages in life about 'stuff'.

The post concerned  a lady with oversize boobs and her dilemmas....from bra shopping (no special shopping at target or a lingerie shop for lacy tid-bits and triangles for her!!! To jogging (the mind boggles wearing 2 bras and crop top before movement occurs)! And in general the of buying suitable clothes like when they get the top fitting nicely, the bottoms are like 'elephant retreating into the jungle', 'complete with wrinkles' size .  

 And I thought I had problems in the under-sized variety.  Yes, I am tall and slim, yes I have big amazes me when someone tells me so...why? I already know they are big! I have lived with them my whole life. I also know I was behind the door the day boos were distributed...but I scooted to top of the line when legs came out...can't win them all I say! And I can most styles with ease...well it is just straight up and down really!

Looking back, I had a friend many years ago who when I lamented very loudly (and I used to)...that if I did not have a mouth you would not know the front from the back of me... he would tap my back in the upper shoulders area then tap my front collar bone and say 'Just keep talking Di'.

I changed my tune when I went to an International Convention with three other women, all 'very well endowed' women is I believe the polite expression. All I can say is there was never any confusion about whose bra was mine in the bathroom....

Just setting the scene....Our fabulous hotel in Washington DC was set quite a distance from the road, then a six lane highway and an office block beyond that....get the picture it was a long, long way back.

With four of us in the room it was rather open slather when getting dressed for seemed more acute in the such evening the bathroom was busy and I had had my shower then changed my mind about what to wear (still a regular occurrence) and that then required a change of  bra... they were horrified when I stripped off in front of the window with the curtains open. It was the only available space apart from hanging from the light fittings.

'What is someone sees you' they chorused...all I could think was if  this 'someone' had x-ray vision and one fantastic set of binoculars and...was keen enough to still be at work at 7pm on a Friday night.. then good luck to him.

 In reality - how often have we allowed what society or what someone has/has not got in physical terms to affect us in younger now astounds me. I am truly grateful to be healthy, upright and active.

Perhaps that is when my inner work began....ohh my goodness what a fabulous, fantastic journey it has been, what an amazing life I have led. And you....does that apply  you to? We are a sum of our experiences and reactions. It is up- to us how we grow or not from any experience.

I am pleased to conclude with ... Does size matter? You betcha she says confidently! By size I mean what size has your contribution been to those around you? What size will be the difference you make in your world? What size is your sense of humour? 

Let your fun factor flow fabulously...enjoy who and what you are...and for tonight...just one image. Uummm ...I am having a challenge finding one on the grounds of suitability...goodness me have I gone coy? Never!!!!!

If you enjoyed this post feel free to share it...let some light and laughter slip through your weekend...cheers till next time...


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