Monday, 15 July 2013

I Wanna Be A Wallaby...At The Keanealy's

I am still in relaxation mode after being away for a long weekend with my niece and her family... and... being totally is amazing how that allows my mind to  wander off and creative little  ideas just pop up.

The family live on acreage at the foot of the Toowoomba range, high-ish up, lots of natural area around the cleared house block, all beautifully terraced with amazing gardens.

The wallaby's have a picnic  nibbling...snapping...scratching...devouring everything that is new - new trees, new growth, newly mulched. It is all obviously delicious in wallaby world.


As I sat there I started to consider the wallabies story. I have heard the human side on many an occasion. While my brain stimulation is occurring...across the lawn hops a wallaby with a joey...getting him in training early for the delights available at the 'K' smorgasbord no doubt.  

I 'tune in' to their chattering...and hear Mummy telling joey his bedtime story...once upon a time there were all trees here...none of these strange two legged people. Mummy Wallaby and Daddy Wallaby had to forage really hard for food, it was so difficult in our a young joey today you have it so much easier.  The end...

With Joey safely snoozing...Mummy and Daddy wallaby relaxing with a grass stick and a glass of eucalyptus chat about their day. I think it might go something like this....

Aren't we lucky? Just a few short years ago we had such a struggle surviving here...and then along came the K's . Now we have a smorgasbord to choose from...did you see those succulent plants up the back...only planted yesterday...I think an afternoon feast there tomorrow would be great.

And they are so thoughtful, they ensure we have exercise and keep our muscles taut and terrific...they put this wire round plants and stake it definitely gives us a tone up scratching that out and setting it tumbling it down the hill.

Ohhh and that bush we nibbled to ground level last has new shoots, the dew on the new leaves caught my eye this morning...can't wait to hop down there this afternoon. And did you see that Mr K mulched the top terrace...what fun it is scratching it all out from round the tree so we can lie and roll in the bare earth in the dappled sunlight. 

Down the back that lovely vegetable garden, so much variety...things we have never tasted before. And when we nibble it all out... we hear her muttering and then she plants some good can it get?

And if we don't get what we want we just pop up the back door and presto...attention!  They don't a;ways seem pleased to see us do they?

Ok, coming back to often in life is there another angle, another side to the 'story' or information you did not have? The K's and the wallabies each have a case from their own perspective...  where has this happened in your life...have you jumped...opps hopped to your conclusion before knowing there was another side?

I would love to know your experience. Speaking for me I could probably rival  something greater than 'War and Peace'...

And...I still wanna be a wallaby at the K's...what a life!!!!  Enjoy your day.

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  1. Keep it coming Di ~~~ it is interesting to read your perspectives and personal insights :)