Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Prince George, The Royal Baby...and A Polka Dot Dress.

  To sum it up...The interest and excitement of a royal birth, a future King,  a keenness for happy news  and the openness of the proud parents as they showed off their new baby.There is no mistaking the joy on a new mum's face.  

And...the level of confidence shining from the faces of these to beautiful new parents

Family traditions run deep...and I suspect deeper still within the royal family.
Was it a deliberate act for Kate the Duchess of Cambridge to wear a polka dot dress when showing her beautiful baby swaddled in identical white blankets to the world? Or was it a coincidence?

Maybe it has become part of their family tradition. Maybe it was a show of respect for her late mother in law Princess Diana. Just take a moment to take a look at the radiant faces of the respective Mum's...a look similar to any new mum supremely proud of their new baby.

It would seem that Prince Charles is the odd one out, looking very stiff, uncomfortable and formal.   
While I don't believe we can put today's values on yesterday's actions, Prince Charles looks as I just said formal and uncomfortable. is that a reflection of his own upbringing? Prince William in a regular shirt, sleeves rolled up, his arm casually around his wife and they both look so relaxed.  

Choosing George Alexander Louis is likely to have been as a nod to Queen Elizabeth II’s father George VI, who led England during World War I. Alexandra is the Queen’s middle name.

Four thoughts spring to mind for me -

First, the joy of having a  new baby in any family is almost beyond words, it is an amazing experience one that flows through your mind, body and spirit. What a privilege to be part of shaping a beautiful new life. How I remember with joy the birth of my son and my grandchildren. 

Second, the calm confidence exuding from these two beautiful new parents. I certainly don't remember calm as being part of my state 24 hours after giving birth. In fact confidence wasn't high on the list either. What I remember was the sudden realisation I (OK we, Les did have a hand in it) now had the responsibility for this precious tiny human...if you call 8lb 12 ozs tiny....and noooooooooooooo I was far from confident!

Thirdly...I got thinking back forty years to my son's birth...and I had a polka dot dress. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw the photo above. There are no photos... I would not allow any to be taken... I thought I was fat...I was... I was pregnant!  Silly me...the things that concern us in our youth.

Last... as I was driving yesterday morning and listening to the radio a female announcer says 'How can Kate look so good less than 24 hours after giving birth. I know she can't help being gorgeous...but is she doing other women any favours?  I suspect she had a teensy little bit of help!

What springs to mind for you? I love to hear your thoughts...and to know you have been here...enjoy your day and happy!


  1. I think the media are revolting. I think Wills and Kate are amazing and are going to be the best thing for the Royal family. I can't imagine how elated yet how sad it is for Wills that he has a son and his mother will never know him or got to see 'what he made'. That breaks my heart for him. I love the Royal Family. I think they are a wonderful tradition.

  2. Yes Amanda, is it sad when a life is cut short. Wills and Kate are the best thing for the Royal family. We are all shaped by our upbringing and Wills had a great start with Dianna.

    Tradition sit well with me also.Thanks for your heartfelt comments. Di xx