Monday, 8 July 2013

Backing Up...if I cant' see it... it is not there!

Last weekend I spent with family including my 2 young granddaughters, Pippa the almost 2 had not seen me for a while and she was a little reticent about coming to me despite the exuberance expressed by her 6 year old sister Amy. 

And the dance began....sitting with her back to me on the lounge, she inched closer, not once looking round. 'If I can't see her she isn't there,' scenario 1. She moved back and forth many times, each time edging a little closer with an occasional glance round (just to see if the one who wasn't there was paying attention) eventually coming up against my leg.  Still no recognition...'I might have felt it, but I can't see her so she isn't there,' scenario 2.

Pippa continued paying extreme attention to her toy, that means just looking at it.  'If I concentrate totally on what I have, I don't have to acknowledge her yet,' scenario 3.

The next move involved her starting to chatter and take slight notice...'well I never... she is there, I never noticed her before' scenario 4. And finally she turns on the charm...'ahhh I just remembered she brings treats, maybe she is Ok after all, I wonder what she has got today,' scenario 5.

Now where am I going with this? Rather like the elephant in the room, we often tip toe around  pretending something is not there. Is there somewhere in your life that you something similar?

  •   Do you back up to things you don't want to do? Translated...if I ignore it, it will go away...maybe it is not there after all.

  •  You get closer to the problem and hit a wall. Translated...the time has come - but I still have not seen it maybe there is an outside chance it will still go away

  •  If I focus on the insignificant, I look just too busy to do 'that thing'. Translated... I know I should be doing that 'thing', but I am just soo busy with the little and familiar things, I just don't have the time for it.

  •  Start chattering about the inconsequential... now if I engage everyone with 'light and fluffy' that will take the heat off me and I can ignore it for a little while longer.

  •   A realisation that there is something enjoyable I am missing, I am missing out on goodies...translated when you make a decision, address the problem and take those first steps...amazing things start to happen.

Yes, Pippa became her bubbly little self, full of mischief, charmed me,  teased her long suffering sister and they both got their treats! Of course that's what Grannie Di is for!  
Does any of this ring true for you?  Can you see yourself 'doing this dance' somewhere in your life?  And what 'gems' did you discover on stepping up!

Is this relevant to me?...You betcha!   I would love to hear your experience...are you game to share?


  1. This is one of the biggest part of human nature I reckon. I'm only getting a handle on things with this and the elephants. Once you remove the fear of what might be then you can go forward with power. I did this the other day. Initial response was NO don't want to go there, then I thought, I've done nothing wrong, was in the moment with my friend and what I feared would happen, kinda did, but I had the power, and because I'm not an arse, I was just my normal happy self - it went well. I still walked away with my power. Great blog Di!!

    1. Your personal power and energy is amazing and an inspiration Amanda. I find even when I it has been proven stepping up is best...I still like Pippa have my times of 'ahhhhh not going there'! Then I do...

      And thanks Amanda.xx Di

  2. I can relate to all those scenarios...cheers Pat