Wednesday, 31 July 2013

When it's time...time for you.

Me...on time? Always you reply with confidence. Are you? Are you really?

What does time mean for you? Does is it seem to go faster or slower with the years? Are you an on time person, a half an hour late person or ...time...what time? Just looking at those questions you can see how differences could potentially cause problems in life and in relationships....

I freely admit I was a' time Nazi' for years. I was super, super organised, everything done before time, in place, perfect, not a wrinkle in sight in anything that did or did not  move. If it moved then stopped into the washing machine in the blink of an eye. Everything was timed to the eenth degree...and it would have taken hell to freeze over for it not to happen.

Now this was just like me...and that was just with paperwork...there are no images thank goodness of my 100% super moving, super driving the rest of the world crazy.I am sure you get the picture.  

 Les (my  late husband) used to say he was not game to stand still or he would find himself on the inside of the washing machine with a mouthful of soap suds. On reflection the man was a saint...we led a busy life and Saturday morning I would wake at the crack of dawn and start plotting how I could get him out of bed...get the washing on... start  on the loooooong list of weekend jobs.  My modus operandi was to wriggle in bed till I disturbed him, knowing a call of nature would move him...I was out in a flash and had the bed stripped before he got back. I can't understand why he got so upset...poor darling. I recall we had more than one  spirited discussions on the matter.  

I was just a 'teensy bit' hyper active....I suspect the Universe breathed  sigh of relief when I resigned as manager...and shocking as it may seem coped very well without me. 

Remember when you were a child a day seemed ages, holidays were forever away and nothing ever seemed to change. Fast forward to maturity (notice I was to polite to put an age on that) time flies by, weeks even months go in the blink of an eye...except when you are waiting for the kettle to boil or the computer to turn on.    

A girlfriend was speaking to me about this last night. Her words were disappears. Where does it go and why so fast. My grandmother told me years ago that as you get older time goes quicker. Why is that? Is it because I am not organised and I waste time. Do I spend to much time on 'things' and  yet still 'not deal with it' (procrastination) or do something I love and time flies away.

Does it go more quickly? I think our perception of time changes  and today we fit so much more into every day and we are constantly bombarded with doing more, achieving more and doing just one ok ten more things.  And before you know it the kids have left home, you found grey streaks in your hair and OMG there is a hair growing on your chin! Your partner retires, your parents need you and on it goes.

You find yourself thinking when...when it is time for me?

We all know the old adage - if you want something done ask a busy person. How true is this.  I find when I have a lot on and I am busy I am still super organised and can fit in just that bit more. When it is quieter, I think the pressure is off, I will do it later... and later becomes a very loose term.  

What I have noticed is that I am slowing down, I can't physically do what I could do 5 years ago and it takes me longer to do it. My brain still thinks I can...that super organised Miss in my mind  makes the long list, the body looks at it and your dreams!

Hyperactive is probably a word that was bandied about frequently when describing me. It took multiple life challenges ranging from the miniscule to the monumental to slow me down. And how I fought it, yelled at it, had tanti's large and small...before I arrived at acceptance.

With the major life change of losing my partner of 31 perception of time changed rapidly. My personal inner work has seen major changes in confidence has ebbed and flowed  and is now blossoming as I morphed into the quiet and assured confidence of the evolved Di.

Today as I look back I wonder who I was back then, I scarcely recognise her. Time flies by, life happens and challenges have their purpose... mine  drove me to do more things of a different nature than I had ever done before. That time has passed, that was then, this is now.

While you have been reading, you have probably been distracted by your own thoughts about time how fast or slow it goes for you...and about parts of you that no longer recognise.

Take a moment to reflect...your heart and mind have probably given you very clear words, pictures or feelings about how your time has flown and how it has created change in your life. 

It would be fabulous if you felt inclined to share some of those thoughts. I love to know you have been here...and we all love to hear others personal stories.


  1. Hi Di,
    Oh yes time it does just fly and i find with Social Media it flies even more.
    I am okay about too and accept that some things will remain undone
    I have a mentor who has a book on creating time :)
    Thanks for the great thinking, now time for me to get off Social Media and enjoy the sun.

    1. Hi Suzie,
      Thanks for your lovely comments.
      Wow a book on creating time sounds amazing...
      And ...I agree! Time does fly with social media and I am a a babe in the woods at it..ohh that probably explains why it all takes me so long...
      Cheers Di