Saturday, 22 June 2013

CONFIDENCE is not spelt P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

Ok...who knows confidence is not spelt P.E.R.F.E.C.T?

Come on 'fess up now -  who waits forever for it to be perfect before you do anything? I know you are out there!

My 'perfection gene' was ever strong for so many years. It stopped me from doing so many things and  gave me so much heartache... does anyone else feel like that? Do you too feel dragged down at times?

So with my perfection gene temporarily tamed, I set about doing things from a more temperate point of view.  Well temperate for me that is...  maybe you can relate to that also!

A part of keeping your confidence on fire is to keep challenging yourself and for me that is daring for it 'not to be perfect'.

Last weekend I had the privilege of being a model for Divine Fashions of Nambour at the local Show. In my younger years I indulged in this fabulous feminine pursuit usually raising money for a worthy cause and had so much fun.

I am no longer young in years...young at heart, yes...ahhh the years have slipped by!  And,  I jumped at the opportunity...then the committee in my head started chattering... can I...will I....should I....what if....? STOP IT!!!!!

YES, YOU CAN I did! Do ever have wonderful intimate conversations with yourself....and sometimes get amazing answers.

Now why model if you don't get a little video clip.... this thought did not occur till we got there armed only with a mobile phone. And the lighting was not the best. However, it is about the spirit of the event NOT the perfection remember?

Now my confidence is on the line...I have been talking about today I thought its time....well it was time to sort the technology first. With a little effort and a few 'goodness gracious me's'...I got them up on YouTube and onto a closed Facebook group as a practice run.

That my be small bikkies for mean feat for me and it was my challenge for the day...with my confidence now in good shape... here they are! 


OK 'Take 2' - pride goes before a fall they say! perfection it was not, 'tanti' going on....videos won't work!!!!  So I have to concede defeat for today and settle for the links!!!  Next time I hope to have it nailed! Or should I say pinned down?


The main event...well one of them...

                                   Remember CONFIDENCE  is not spelt P.E.R.F.E.C.T. 

It is all about having a go and doing it even when it less than perfect. 

Just have a go!  and fly away with calm quiet confidence!

My parting question to you is.... 

                                    What have you done recently to challenge yourself? 

I, and other readers love to know you have been here,... do leave a comment or even share if you have enjoyed the words.


  1. From one perfectionist to another, I feel your pain, and do love it when sometimes I can just let it be, without having to rehash things a million times :)

    1. Nikki how true, I find when i am open about me it creates an opening for others to be open with me...and yes it is good to just let it go...and it is Ok for it not to be perfect. Warm regards Di

  2. My word why would the top designers not be falling over themselves to get this TOP model for their next collections. Noooooooo they aren't aware yet, a few more U tubes should do it!!!!!
    Soooooooo gorgeous sooooooo irresistible sooooo sensuous!!!!