Wednesday, 16 January 2013

5½ Things I Did Do…when my day was littered with ‘blonde moments’…I definitely was NOT painting the ceiling beige!

Now yesterday was just one of those days…we all have them don’t we? Please say yes! 

So there I was puddling along knowing I was going to an evening meeting which I was chairing…so far so good…mini blonde moments happened, I went to the kitchen and forgot what for…dropped the phone…had a challenge concentrating… At 1.05pm my mobile rang asking wasn’t I meant to be somewhere…I happily chirped ‘No I am home today’…and how about the lunch time meeting??? Oops! I had absolutely and utterly forgotten. That set the stage for ‘blonde moments’ to cascade over me for the rest of the day…what a joy!

Soo what are the 5½ things I did….

  1. Flipped the going into a ‘funk’ which has been my past pattern…flicked the ‘super anxiety girl’…see her there, so so ready to leap in and drag me down! Away with you woman! I took action and apologised profusely (I am a tad anal about mis-using people’s time) about missing the meeting and became part of it via Skype. Taking action kept me going. Off to the evening meeting and yep had a couple more ‘blonde moments’.  In the real world things do not always go according to plan and we deal with what is…it was a great meeting and in truth I had a wonderful day!

  1. Reached out to help others. I have a particular friend and a particular client right now who are facing heavy duty challenges…I spent extra time being there for them. I find that helps me put my ‘blonde moments’ into perspective when I can make a difference in someone’s life. What a privilege to be able to do that.
  1. Kept my sense of humour…because I was open, respectful and saw the funny side that opened the door for others to react to me in the same way. How often when we face a challenge the first thing to go is that sense of fun. Then notice how it escalates to ‘I don’t want to ‘and suddenly you realise you have forgotten how to have fun. This does not make light of a situation, it simply means even in chaos there be moments of enjoyment. Even to stop to ask yourself was it really that important? What ‘blonde moment’?

  1. Made a decision to try something now…more action… I saw a post on Face book for a ‘cuddle party’ that piqued my interest…I contacted and met with Philip Milroy the, non sexual way, learning to say no and do so speaking from your heart. If I have your attention and you would like to know more, the guidelines are available on Thanks Philip! I am excited and yes challenged…but more on that after I have been. In the course of our conversation, laughter yoga came up. Something else I have been ‘going to try’.  So two new things on the horizon for me. Was there a ‘blonde moment’?

  1. Remembered to be grateful for the fabulous things in my life, my home, family, fabulous friends and grateful that I can laugh at myself.

And the ½ …No matter what happens the sun will still come up tomorrow…and it did!

Have a great day and enjoy whatever is happening in your life! You may even like to share how you manage your ‘blonde moments’…I would love to hear!

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