Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Oops…me, my foibles or a mask?

Oops did she forget her specs, was her sense of humour going ballistic...or was she genuinely seeing it differently? Whichever, I hope it raised a smile for you and got your sensual sensations bubbling going…OK I will settle for humour if not!

Actually it was the word ‘quickie’ that caught my eye this morning. Time is a little tight so it will be a ‘quickie’ this morning for me and not an egg in sight!!!

Life is full of variations and perspectives e.g. you can look at something today and when you look at it again tomorrow you see it differently. That may be because you are in a different frame of mind. For me, what I find funny today could very well have me asking tomorrow ‘what did I find funny about that?


Every day we are a little different, we learn, grown and change which is why repetition and listening to something like a CD or reading a passage in a book over and over gives us a different insight. Like that saying ‘When the student is ready…the teacher appears’. Something may happen in your life that gives you a totally new outlook, a challenge may be thrust upon you and throw your life into complete chaos. Ideas, thoughts words and people suddenly pop up just when you need them.

My second point this morning is about masks…We are masters in the use of disguise…from ourselves and from the world. When you look at this image…
  • What do you see?
  • Who do you see?
  • Do you simply see beautiful scenery, the calm cool flow of nature?
  • Do you see the bear, the eagle or another? The faces are masked and blending with the scenery and each time you look you find another face or another facet of scenery not noticed before.

Now that got me thinking…What masks do you wear what facet of your personality do you show, or not show to the world? Yes, we all don and wear them; examples could be the ‘good girl’, the ‘bad girl’, the parent, the business person, the sportsman, the community leader, the speaker, the clown and yes even the grump. 

It is fine to have these masks – my question to you is - do you allow them to define you? Do you hide behind them? You may be extremely confident and excel in your career yet lack confidence in other areas of your life and you take refuge in that professional mask. You hang on to it for dear life in case someone sees a crack in your armour. Why is it we think we need to project a perfect image to the world? It is our imperfections and naturalness that everyone loves.

From my experience when I am open and allow my humanness, my foibles and vulnerability to show, it gives permission for others to do the same. Others feel comfortable, they find you are not that scary or unapproachable … a tip for the day…get to know someone you consider amazing...or the other extreme take the time to spend time with someone out of your ordinary…it is incredible what you find when you take the time to really ‘be ‘ with someone. I unwittingly allowed my home life being a parent, grandparent, wife, carer to define me…when my husband passed away I went through an ‘identity crisis’…who was I now I was no longer the wife and carer, the family were grown up and independent…the mask was torn from me and I felt exposed and fearful as I sought then grew into the woman I am today and what a fabulous, challenging and rewarding journey it is…and I am not done yet!

I am not saying a mask is a negative…when you look through the eyes if a mask:
  • It sharpens your focus and allows you to hone in on something with laser precision.
  • Or you realise you can only see part of the picture, if you widen or change the mask you a different picture, experience or choice. Wow!

I find life so exquisitely exciting, we have so many life tools available to assist us in whatever direction we choose…so whether you are a bear an eagle, a super Mum or Dad or the magnificent you…go for it and live your life to the fullest.

It is your choice if you take delight in the lighter side of life even if you mispronounce the word… learn to laugh at yourself, love your masks yet seek to find which one you wear and why…and consider how you could use a new one…gosh you could even break out and be the magnificent you and not have one at all!

Be confident and have a sensational and sensual day…love, light and laughter   Di

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