Friday, 25 January 2013

Touched… at what level?

Once upon a time…nah... scrub that! Take2!

This week I was humbled to meet a beautiful person, Ian…he experienced burns to 65% of his body as an 11 year old…can you even begin to imagine the pain - physical, mental and psychological? The challenges in his life as he returned to school faced teenage years and grew into maturity do not bear thinking about. Yet here is this mature man one of the most open, caring and beautiful of humans it has been my privilege to meet.  I was touched!

It got me thinking…fifteen years ago I was in Scotland staying with friends of friends named Janet and Bill. Janet had also been horrifically burned and disfigured especially her face. She recovered, found love and went on to become the most amazing and exquisite soul…the lives she touched, especially mine brought every sense of mine, let alone a sensual one to the fore… I was touched!

In between that time period I met through National Speakers an incredible man W Mitchell, some of you may have heard of him, met him or heard him speak. If you have not, spare just over 3mins to watch this video clip…it speaks for itself. Another burn victim, he became a human torch following a motor bike accident with burns to 75% of his body, followed by would you believe a plane crash which left him paralyised.  He wrote a book it is titled ‘It’s Not What Happens To you…it’s what you do about it’... he is the most vibrant man who lives and breathes his message.  He went on to become a leader in many areas, a sought after speaker and when you meet him his presence and personal power are charismatic. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak and meeting him…I was touched!

Where am I going with this…to use W Mitchell’s words...? ‘Where is the new stuff, no new stuff…only old stuff and it is really good old stuff’. Sensuality is old stuff…I am simply putting Di’s slant on it! How do I describe it? It is how you walk, talk, express yourself, how big your intention and heart is, it involves all of your senses. When you make a conscious decision to live with sensuality it allows a living growing element to flourish within you, it becomes an innate part of you. It just can’t be contained, it bubbles forth, and it sparkles and shines in every area of your life. Love life…yep! Personal life...yep! Professional life…yep!

And if that is not enough, it also makes you feel alive, vibrant, resilient, confident, irresistible (OK I made that one up…yet it could be possible…couldn’t it?).And yes girls...sensuality is not just for us...what about the men?

Give your beautiful self a treat…go for it now! Whatever has happened to you…does it pale into insignificance when you read about these three extraordinary and special people? You too are special, you too are a sensual being…Let it rip…let it flow…let your exquisite sensual side touch those around you at every level…take 2…nah just do it!

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  1. It's good to be reminded of the way W Mitchell overcame his massive challenges