Sunday, 27 January 2013

Remember - The Music Is Not In The Piano!


Oohhhh! How I detested it as a child…for one hour every afternoon sitting at that piano practising! Has anyone else been there in childhood?

‘If the music is not on the piano then where is it?’ my very best 10 year old voice would cry out!


My playing the piano proficiently or any other lesser way was simply NOT going to happen. I can still hear myself  ranting  oops, expressing myself clearly…’when I stop these lessons I will NEVER, EVER touch a piano again as long as I live’, she said!  And…true to my word, I haven’t!  Ten year old Di would stand with her hands on her hips (a stance that landed me in considerable trouble years later when nursing), my Negative Nelly hat firmly in place, eyes blazing stating what I was and was not going to do. …not at all disturbed by this outburst, Mum would say a few words and then there I would be… sitting thumping that piano, fury flying from every pore of my being.

I can’t help but ask myself why my mother persisted! It was a financial strain, I was definitely not a keen student and it must have been just as painful for her as it was for me! We were not Catholics yet she sent me to the Nuns for tuition.

In my defence here I might add encouragement  support  teaching from the Nun who taught me fell a little, OK a lot, short of positive motivation. Her modus operandi was to stand over me, tower over me – ruler raised on its side poised…ready to strike my knuckles the moment I made a mistake. No surprises here…I made lots of mistakes!


Now don’t get me wrong I love music, I simply  can't  have chosen not to play a musical instrument. Yet in the past couple of years I have yearned to play a harp…maybe there will be a way and maybe there is music to be found in this beautiful instrument for me. Do tune in 354 posts later… to see!  Uumm in my dreams maybe???

What I am asking is… where is your music?…I can’t help but comment and be affected by the dance with nature we have been having in Queensland the last few days with the cyclonic and post cyclonic wild weather. That music can be how we see and experience first hand, in times of crisis, the magnificence of support from friends and strangers, offered to one and all. 


There is music in the Universe... many of us (yes even me) were saying last week…’a drop of rain would be good’, ‘it’s been so dry this summer’. Someone forgot to tell the Universe to turn the tap off! Folks, we live in a land of extremes, Australia is not noted for gentleness or moderation in its weather patterns that is just how it is!

Where is the sensual in this you ask? The sensual and the music for me is sitting here today seeing the beautiful greenery, the water tinkling softly as it flows over the rocks in the creek beside me, smelling the freshness in the atmosphere after the rain and relishing the soft sunshine knowing our beautiful Sunshine Coast will be green again in a few days. 

My penance is to write ‘I will not say - I wish it would rain’ 500 times today!
Angel  oops wicked girl that I am!

I think the Universe has had a de-clutter on a grand scale! …I almost forgot to mention - I am deeply grateful even for the mundane, I got my washing dry!

What music to my ears!   Where is your music today?

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