Saturday, 19 January 2013

This too shall pass…. I whispered to myself!

Yes, ‘This to shall pass’ I whispered to myself as I drove to Maroochydore yesterday morning to join ‘laughter yoga’ for the very first time. All packed up and ready to go...complete with backpack! What shall pass you may ask…that niggling sensation…was it fear? Not really! Did I think I might look silly? Yeeeeees! Was I up for the self set challenge? You bet!

Why, oh why, do we worry about things that 99% of the time never happen? How do we become so stiff, starchy and stuffy in life that we forget to have fun? Even worse, not only forget ‘to’… we forget ‘HOW’ to.  So there was my challenge, laid bare…bring it on whispered another voice in my head!  Goodness the whole committee was going ballistic in there.

I went, and was warmly welcomed by a super friendly group. I already recognised a couple of faces, that helped and contrary to popular opinion…I survived and lived to tell the tale.  Isn’t it amazing how we need to give ourselves permission to cut loose, to relax, let our defences down and simply enjoy.

I did not know exactly what to expect, so I was there with an open mind and yes, Ok, and a little of ‘eekkkkkkkkk what am I doing!’ Then that cheeky,  fabulous Jenni Parry says to me ‘I know a great confidence coach’…uummm that started me giggling and I relaxed.

It was wonderful, adults simply laughing for the sheer joy of it and getting some gentle exercise in the fresh air at the park. Now I can’t quite claim to have been participating 100%, you know your nose grows longer if you tell porkies!!! However I will be back and be better next time.

The fun exercises varied from surfing to swimming, being a penguin to a kookaburra and everything in between…you really didn’t think I was going to tell all…did you? You have to come and see for yourself. Go on…be a devil and rock up one Saturday morning 9-9.30 at Cotton Tree.  The next best bit was sharing a coffee and chatting afterwards, and I do love to chat. My heartfelt thanks to the group for your warm loving support in laughing…just because!

What did I learn? That it is Ok to let loose and enjoy, it is a fun process, it is Ok to be a little silly and it feels fantastic to laugh… I left feeling light, bouncy and laughter bubbled up through me throughout the day and has even continued over to this morning. It feels sensational!

‘This to shall pass’…this is a great statement. Remember:
When things are bad…this to shall pass
When things are good...this too shall pass

Having laughter in your tool kit helps cope with the highs and hiccoughs in life.

Go on I urge you to let loose and have go… do something that is a challenge for you this week! And…I would love to hear your experience…no whispering…share it loudly with love, light and laughter…I just did!


  1. Di... I had a boss who, no matter what happened, would say 'oh well, the sun will come up tomorrow!' and I truly loved him for it... got me through many an insane and manic day!!

  2. Thanks Lisa, yes these tiny phrases pack such a powerful message, and come back to support us through challenges in life.

    Oohhh the insane ad manic days of life don't bear thinking about.

    Cheers Di