Sunday, 6 January 2013

Live Your life and Forget Your Age

Ok who has ever thought ‘oohhhh I can’t do xyz because I am too old’ or ‘what will people think’? We all have that thought at some stage, particularly women as we become mature.

We forget the inner child and the fun she had or she gets buried under life’s challenges suddenly, you realise you have forgotten how to have fun or worse still that you don’t deserve it!

Who says we can’t be sensual at any age? Look at the image, do you think she is thinking oohh I can’t – oh yes, she could, and she did, she is on the ironing board, what will people think – she does not care, she is way off in her own world using her senses and her imagination to the full.

When you let your imagination rip – have you ever thought that you think in pictures? If I were to say don’t think of a green cat…immediately you think of a green cat! Now I am asking when you did that did your minds eye see a green cat or the words ‘green cat’. I bet is that you saw the image.

There I am on that board, (Ok that is not quite how I look but you get the picture) thinking of ripping into my future, do you think I see text in my visualisation…no way, I see images, colour, movement, action, gaiety and laughter.

This springs to mind today as this image which popped up on Facebook takes me many places. The bamboo wallpaper from the early 70’s when I was first married, living in north Queensland, the similarity to sugar cane, my husband was a sugar technologist, the ironing board memories of ironing for four step children a husband and a baby.  Rollers in the hair, my goodness having long hair, being under the cap of the old hair dryer that came in a case and plugged into the wall.  Great memories, sad memories and fantastic memories!

Life’s challenges saw me lose my sense of fun. Then worse it saw me feeling I did not deserve to and finally I forgot how to…an exercise that helped me greatly was for me to do something just for myself that gave me pleasure for a minimum of 45mins a day.  I found it so difficult at first, yet like writing in a gratitude journal daily it grew on me and I gradually recovered my sense of fun and joy.

My question to you is what are you doing to live your life and forget your age? 
Whatever it is play with it, explore it, see it vividly in colour and movement and action...have fun and have a great day!


  1. I started roller derby 3 months ago! It doesn't get much more sensual than a bunch of sweaty women in fishnet stockings and frilly knickers taking it to the derby track! At 47, I think I'm the second oldest in the league. I've skated for 30 years, so I'm confident, although my age let's me down on stamina a little. I'm hoping my fitness improves. The kids Wii Fit tells me my body is 40 years old equivalent! Woot!

  2. Fantastic...isn't it amazing what we can do? Love to hear how it goes...