Monday, 21 January 2013

Only the leaves on top of the tree…for me!

Once upon a time, a cute, well Ok, actually a spindly skinny long legged young girl dreamed of her life as a giraffe. She sat in the branches of a mulberry tree in the chook pen, high up so she could have a better view. Of what she was not sure…she knew there was something, her imagination soared, she got to thinking...and giraffe images floated by, she was fascinated.

That girl grew up, became a woman and had a whole world of experiences and went on to realise a life long dream to see a giraffe in the wild. What a privilege it was, and I gained an ever greater fascination and respect for them. What magnificent sensual creatures!

When I come back on this earth…I am going to be a giraffe! How about you?  I am already half way there, still tall and gangly, long neck, curious and with age spots determined to join up I will soon come complete with giraffe spots! Did I mention I have a vivid imagination?

Back to reality…What is the sensual attraction of a giraffe you ask? Good question!

A Different Perspective – ‘I only eat the leaves on top of the tree’ she says…’You’ve probably never seen them’. How many of us bury ourselves in mediocrity and never try the top of the tree? You might have to climb like I did in the mulberry tree; ‘she’ simply stands and stretches her neck for the best view! However you do it…just give it a go!

Be curious – what amazed me while in Kenya was how curious giraffes were. I was in a jeep with two friends and we were driving slowly, I was beside myself with excitement being so close to them. A group walked towards us, stopped and looked, like the zebras I blogged about recently…it seemed like they were thinking, ‘and who is this in my living room? Then they graciously ambled across the road in front of us?’ How easily we can forget to stay curious and learn. What have you been curious about this week?


It’s Ok to be vulnerable and friends are important – yes I know, I simply loved this image…a sensual delight is how I would describe it…showing our vulnerability makes us human and we connect with vulnerability and openness, when we do it gives others permission to do the same. And who hasn’t ‘hopped up for support’ at some stage in life? Perhaps you have been ‘hopped on’! Cherish your vulnerability.


Be different – There is absolutely nothing like a giraffe, so you too can embrace your difference, stand up and speak out for what you believe in.  Hone your confidence (I know a great Confidence coach) and courage to allow you to make your difference in this world. You can do it!


 Be chic - Pearls for girls, they will take you anywhere! It is our personal presentation, the whole package that creates a first impression. That does not necessarily mean expensive designer clothes, chic can happen on a budget! Sure presentation creates the opening,  you already have your message and substance to support your presentation..right? In today's world when casualness is the order of the day I often see sloppiness in action. There is still a place for manners, graciousness and elegance presented with exquisite confidence. Starting with loving yourself and who you are allow your inner beauty will shine through. Allow love, light and laughter into your life! How have you shone today?

Stretch Yourself – how will ‘she’ reach the top of the tree if she does not extend herself? The finger image is a simple analogy, as you spread your fingers imagine you are stretching yourself…in what ways have you stretched yourself this week? And remember a helping hand does not stop at the wrist it extends right to the heart.

 Reach girls, reach, reach up to the leaves at the top - they are new, fresh, tender and there is not much competition up there!!! Go on, I know you want to!

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