Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Do you recognise YOU?


Confidence and courage…How many times have I lost or thought I had lost my courage and confidence? How many times have I allowed rejection to strike a blow to my courage and confidence?
There are so many times when I feel connected, on track and sensual. Now I don’t claim to be hot and sexy at 65 years of age being a mother, grandmother and eek even a great grandmother (that is another story).  I do however believe mature women are sensual and extraordinary yet sometimes we need a gentle nudge to remind us of our extraordinary goddess like self.

Even so the patterns and habits from childhood and teen challenges raise their heads to test me occasionally. Yesterday was such a day…in a heartbeat I was back there. I fell far below 99%, my anger and resentment bubbled away, eating at me as the thoughts and words popped up. I have such an overactive active and vivid imagination and it went ballistic! I allowed it to overshadow my courage, my confidence and my sensuality.

Wooooooooh! Suddenly there it was …the realisation that the event was but a moment in time. Remember the words ‘this too shall pass’ – I stopped to acknowledge what exactly the issue was and in fact it had nothing to do with the event. That allowed me to explore my feelings and release the negativity, forgive myself and gently send it on its way…just like in Elvis’s song ‘Return to Sender’…

I started writing and the power within me burst forth…I am so grateful I have chosen the gift of journaling, it has a way of bringing in a touch of reality, it allows me to take responsibility and my quirky sense of humour starts to peek through…music in case Elvis’ song brought forth my deliciously sensual self. I flipped that over active imagination and put it to excellent use! My reservoir is filled again this morning with care and self love. My soul is at peace.

What comes up for you as you see this deliciously hot and sexy warrior? Or are you a deliciously hot and sensual one? Can you own it? And feel it? And…can you express it?

Have a great day gorgeous women!  

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