Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rolling on floor laughing… really????

Ok folks, it is pouring rain, bucketing actually here in S.E. Queensland, time for some light relief…even if it is at my expense…


Girls, you know that feeling you get when you think you have produced ‘just the right tool for the job’? I thought it was perfect!

I had a friend staying with me and last night I broke the watch band on my favourite watch…rather a bracelet than a watch band. It is ‘the watch’ that I fly off post haste for repair when the battery goes flat…and that was just 2 days ago!!!!

Shock… horror…I went to put it on last night and the band broke! ‘Nooooooo! It can’t be’ I wailed pitifully…sadly it was!!!

Thank goodness…male to the rescue…’Pliers’ he says, ‘I need pliers’.

Full of oomph and feeling smug…I rushed off…I knew I had just the tool!

Back I came smiling brightly, said tool in my hand. That’s when it happened! 

 Peals of laughter rang out as he sputtered out the words ‘that’s a what’? They are not real pliers! Uumm reminiscent of Hogue’s and him saying ‘that’s not a knife’…except I could not produce the ‘this is a knife’ example! Damm! Missed my opportunity!
 Sadly there is no happy ending to this tale, the part was actually broken and no magical pliers are going to repair it!!!
I know, you are saying to yourself…what is sensual about this? Absolutely nothing…I am simply sharing a light hearted moment and it took confidence to say it all out loud!


So, lots of love, light and laughter on a very rainy Saturday night…keep smiling remember ‘pretty tools’ are not always the best! And a touch of humour will always magically save the day!

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