Sunday, 20 January 2013

Letter to my granddaughter… on confidence and sensuality!

Darling you are beautiful, you are loved, you are special and you can do it!

Your life will be littered with glad and sad moments ranging from the miniscule to the monumental. What a joy our life journey is and what a privilege it is to be your Grannie Di as I encourage you to love yourself and grow into the  amazing fabulous woman I know you will be. 

I have watched over you as you have grown; sometimes near, sometimes from afar. Wherever I am, the invisible thread that binds our soul will be always be there. A grandmother and her granddaughter have an opportunity to share such a special bond. Freed from parental responsibilities I am free to love, guide and yes, have love light and laughter between us.

You have such openness, curiousity and delight in everything that you approach never forget to look within and see you own inner beauty and strength. As life pops up doors will open, some will close gently, others will just slam! Then the magical happens and you will be delighted.   

You won’t just grow up confident, and have the world at your feet. Now don’t go off into a funk…you haven’t heard the worst yet. Brace yourself; there will be high and lows, great times and shocking times.

I know it isn’t what you want to hear but really the world we live in is not all that good for confidence building, let alone promoting sensuality. You will suddenly find yourself in your 20’s then 30’s and as each decade approaches – same deal. Your confidence will be celebrated and challenged in a host of different ways.

Here’s another curly one – a pretty girl or a great looking guy knows that ’beauty’ opens doors, but what happens when you open your mouth? Have you learned to speak with kindness, joy and love? Have you learned the lessons of openness, honesty and trust? Have you learned the utter joy of laughter, it will carry you over the rocky times in your life. If you settle for superficial confidence you will struggle to believe you have anything else to offer.

You will find a way to move forward with your confidence – that may seem a drag now yet it is curiously fulfilling and comforting.  

As you mature you will come to understand sensuality apart from sexiness. Sensual is the way you move, the way you talk and act, the lure of the promised…not yet delivered.  It comes from deep within and is about your personality and aura. Sexiness my dear you understand!

Too soon, you to will have children and when you are 50+, you may be on top of the world and would be fabulous. If not, it is never too late to seek out confidence and sensuality again. It would be the perfect opportunity to re-discover it and how exquisitely exciting is that? You will remember our conversations about life from when you were a teenager. 

You will be unaware that you have taught me so much, the intensity, vibrancy and energy of youth are a constant source of delight and amazement to me. Lessons that were learned simply because I was willing to listen to your innate wisdom.  Thank you.

You can build an inner confidence and sensuality that simply radiates and shines, you can speak with love and kindness, you can feed it with positivity regularly, you can learn to laugh at your sometimes un-confident self, pick yourself up and dust yourself off and do it all again. Confidence and sensuality are potent qualities and values to possess.

From my heart to your heart and speaking with the wisdom gained from my life experience - remember darling, you are beautiful, you are loved, you are special and you can do it!

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