Monday, 28 January 2013

Be 100% Connected

‘One of the most important things I have learned during the last fifteen years is how to enjoy and savour the present. When I a writing, I am inside the sounds and meaning of the words, playing with them curving them around each other. When I am eating, I luxuriate in the taste and texture of every bite. When I am alone, I listen to and communicate with the silence within me, and the messages of the world around me’.


When I am with people I am really with them. After fifteen years moving around the world people are still my passion. I love the constantly budding and blossoming friendships that define my life’ says Rita Golden Gelman, author of ‘Tales of a Female Nomad’.

What powerful words Rita uses, whatever she is doing - she aims to be 100% connected. As I read her story I was struck by how powerfully she did that when she often did not know the language. She connected by using that universal language - a smile. She added openness, she sang and laughed, she used expressive body language and friendships bubbled and grew as people were drawn to her.  


What does being connected mean? All of the above! We have seen and witnessed amazing connections during our current floods. We don’t realise the power of connections, the power of a helping hand, that kind and supportive word, that thoughtful action. The realisation hits when circumstances arise where you are in a position to be the ‘receiver’. So many of us are great givers yet have difficulty in receiving. A helping hand does not end at the wrist; it extends right to the heart.

I find when I am open and honest about me, it creates an opening for others to be open and honest with me.

Rather like the butterfly who flits around, creating beauty. She does not, cannot fully appreciate that her beauty and grace in flight are a source of joy to others.  

Did you know that if you help a butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis the wings will not open and it will flutter weakly and collapse? Her wings will fail to open and support her.

It is the struggle to emerge that develops the power in her wings. Her struggle ends as she emerges, she spreads her wings, and oblivious to her sensational colourful beauty, she flies off into the garden.

I believe we too have our own struggles and when we find our own way and work through issues our inner magnificent beauty emerges. Just like the butterfly that cannot see her beauty, colour or uniqueness. Her wings, spread behind, invisible to her yet appreciated by others.

I would not be the woman I am today if I had not travelled my life’s journey. It has taken time to learn to appreciate my value. That was hidden from me like the wings of the butterfly. Being totally connected enhances it all and I am deeply grateful for the sensational connections that have enriched my life.


You too will have many moments of taking flight in your lifetime. The more flights you make the stronger you become and the easier it is to believe in yourself. Watch and enjoy the colour and beauty of the butterfly, silently and lovingly watch and enjoy you, as you both soar to greater heights and enjoy powerful connections.

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