Sunday, 13 January 2013

Self portrait - a work in progress!

Drat and I used all that paper! A self portrait…my work in progress!

Are YOU an artist with thought, words or paint?  
Is your artistry rich in colour, confidence and sensuality?

The two images today offer a humourous take on how we may see ourselves…where do you fit in? Are you a tiger or are you a touch on the unrealistic side when you peek in the mirror?

Now being a tiger conjures up images of power and passion…the pussy cat creating it has had many attempts to get it right….and she continues to peek in the mirror as she improves her image with each stroke. In the artistry of life we don’t always get it right first time that is great because there is always another sheet to develop and grow and enjoy…I see the beginnings of a grin on the she-tigers face! Remember I do have that over active imagination and it us up and away this morning…

Each brush stroke can be an event in life…do your brush strokes improve and enrich your life? It’s your paintbrush, your palette, and there is always a new sheet of paper…another day…life is full of such exquisite pleasure.

Then we flick over to the realistic or unrealistc! As in how she sees herself compared to how he sees himself. How many of us see what we perceive as physical flaws because we don’t have a stick, model like figure. OMG get real Di at 65, what could you possibly be thinking!!!! I still, yes, even as of yesterday when I went shopping with a girlfriend see myself as fatter than the rest of the world! True I lost 12kgs from my slim frame after my husband slipped off to heaven 10 years ago, true I was skinny then! Now I have regained that weight and there I was bemoaning the fact I could not fit into something that was unrealistic! There I have said it, admitted it out loud and even laughed about it!  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not aiming to be unrealistic as in the right hand image…my aim is to be realistic and grow that self love and self acceptance!

Ohhhhhh how I love images and the way my mind runs away with a story that just pops up… I will leave you with the thought…you are your life’s artist…how would you paint yourself!

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